Mar 14, 2017
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Hi guys,

So I know there are MANY questions about the poop of a vegan, but none seem to answer my questions.

I've been a vegan for just over a year now & my "movements" are still sh!t (pardon the pun)

My stools are soo loose & sometimes resemble diarrhoea. None of these issues occurred when I was eating meat or dairy, so I'm unsure if I'm illurgic to something or if I've formed an intolerance to something?

Also the gas is pretty bad, to the point where I feel like I'm about to blow if don't take myself off and have a private "moment"

I work out around 3x times a week, drink a lot of water (try and get the 8 cups a day) and feel like I eat a lot of fiber (wholemeal bread, rice, beans etc).

Is this normal? "Going" isn't the problem, but they're not these 'perfect, cleansing, healthy' poops I read constantly online.

Thanks for your help :)

Completely understand you, it could be that you're eating a lot of foods with high fibre? When I first became vegan I ate A LOT of fruit and vegetables, it wasn't a pretty sight... I drink a ton of water too, try dropping the amount of fruit/vegetables if you're consuming a lot?

Or... From what I read awhile ago, it could also be that you're allergic to something. If the above doesn't help, try eliminating a specific piece of food until you no longer have problems.

It could also be that your body needs to get used to the amount of fibre your digesting, though it's been a year since so I couldn't really say.

I couldn't find a photo of what I used to eat, but it was literally a huge plate of vegetables with fries, & onion rings. Body hated it for sure. Oh and that was after I had ate around 2 apples, 2 bananas along with a smoothie through the day.
Hey girly,

I was thinking I could be illurgic to something, just such a pain having to figure out what it could be! I eat so much

I'll give it ago, I appreciate you reply, thank you xx
Try and make sure you eat stuff that will pass through your body quickly before you eat the stuff that takes longer to digest. So fruit first and fibre afterwards, that way you won't have food trapped by the slower digesting food. Also don't go overboard on healthy food, like everything, too much of a good thing can be bad. Learning to listen to what your body wants, that is the trick. I've not noticed any perfection of anything since going vegan, I'm the same as before but the animals I've not eaten are what matters to me.:)
Ahhh ok, that makes sense! I'll give that a try too.

Exactly! Someone said wouldn't it be easier eating how I did before (meat, diary etc) ... I was tempted to get my pot of houmus and smear it across their face
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