1. Veginout

    Vegan - Mint Shamrock Smoothie with Greens & Bananas

    Looking for a healthy non-dairy milkshake? Filled with tasty ingredients, such as fresh mint, frozen bananas, almond milk, vegan protein powder, vegan yogurt, vanilla extract, and beet leaves (yes, beet greens!), this is one extra MINTY and nutrient-dense vegan smoothie. INGREDIENTS 3-4...
  2. Veginout

    Product The Lost Book Of Remedies

    Basically, "The Lost Book of Remedies" is over 300-pages of our forefathers' most powerful natural cures that have been lost to history. In fact, "The Lost Book of Remedies" was made for common folk with no previous plant knowledge. It will allow you to turn your backyard weeds into...
  3. sunflower-girl

    4 years vegan, diagnosed with endometriosis and craving eggs

    Hi everyone, new here! I've been vegetarian my whole life, and vegan for just over 4 years. I have never been tempted by eggs or dairy since I transitioned until now. I've been suffering from horrific endometriosis pains, and am on heavy painkillers which have destroyed my appetite. Weirdly...
  4. P

    Balancing health naturally

    Hello all. I have endometriosis and deal with a lot of awful side effects. I have been trying to adopt a plant based Whole Foods diet, no gluten and no sugar also. It’s very hard to be consistent. I feel like I’m on a constant cycle of going back and forth. Seems to happen when my hormones shift...
  5. M

    Persistent Health Issues after Diet Change

    New posts Find threads Watched Search forums Mark forums read Forums Lifestyle Health Hello maderhol, a lot of people join our community everyday looking for support. Why not share your knowledge? Sharing is caring after all! Ah man! An ad-blocker? :( I get it, nobody likes ads but we...
  6. N

    Am I able to become vegan?

    In the first instance, I´d like to apologize for my poor writing, English is not my main language and I couldn´t achieve the information I required on local forums. I´m 17, from Spain, and I would like to become vegan in order to decrease my environmental impact. These are the facts, I suffer...
  7. S

    Excited to find this site!

    Hi friends, my name is Susie. I have been a vegan for a little over a year now. I was so excited to find this site so that I could have more conversations with like minded people about the perks and issues of my lifestyle. I could start by saying that I believe I also have IBS, or at least a...
  8. Anonymous Name

    Potato diet

    ive heard people all over the internet claim the potato diet being very successful. Like that guy who was on the news and I’ve even heard some go as far to say it cured emotional eating. Some claim they will eat this way for life but it makes me think is it a great transition to a vegan diet...
  9. Oatmeal32

    "severely" underweight since going vegan?

    Hello all, I have some concerns over my weight dropping since going 100% vegan 1 month ago; perhaps this is something that I should or should not be alarmed about. Before going vegan (Whole Food Plant Based [Nutritarian] to be specific), I was already slightly underweight at 117 pounds. I am...
  10. blixa

    Help! feeling fatigued and weak while eating a healthy vegan diet.

    Hi all! I am new here. I joined because I need some serious advice. My heart and soul is with veganism and I am trying really hard to make it work. In November, I decided to go for it and I did a fully plant based diet for 21 days straight with no exceptions. I wasn't eating any vegan junk food...
  11. S

    6 days into veganism

    Hi all, I'm new here, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Steve, 28 from Hertfordshire, UK. Ive been vegan for 6 days now after having countless discussions with various friends. I already feel lighter and healthier. Turning vegan has not only made me feel healthier, but it has relit my love...
  12. M

    Survey Dissertation study on motivations for becoming vegan and the impact this has on the food they eat.

    Hello all, I am a final year nutrition undergraduate carrying out a study on the motivations to becoming vegan, where an individual gets there nutritional knowledge/information from and whether this impacts nutritional intake. I am looking for anyone who follows a vegan diet to fill out a...
  13. R

    How can i eat super healthily as a vegan?

    Hi, My name is Victoria Salter. I’m known as Rory (childhood nickname!) I’m a 23-year old female who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I went vegetarian at 13 and (nearly) vegan at about 20. Generally, my diet is pretty healthy, other than the fact that I do have a tendency to pig out on chocolate...
  14. Vegan Dogs

    Video useful for changing transitioning...dominion now free on youtube.

    Dominion 2018 now free on youtube. For all Animal Lovers. Pet lovers. Eating wearing using animals is simply "animal abuse" pure and simple. No 2 ways about it. Go vegan. If you love or respect animals rights to not be forcibly bred and killed by humans destroying lives the planet and human...
  15. Veggie-based Heathen

    Womens' issue - concerned and need support

    So, short version: I was vegan for a few years and reached my optimum health, then changes in life made me fall back into my old, unhealthy ways. I went back to being vegan about a month ago, and started feeling better almost instantly. But I've been on my period for almost 3 months straight...
  16. Queen of Strawberries

    Is agave nectar healthy?

    So sorry if this is the wrong form but I'd like to know if agave nectar is healthy? I can't eat maple syrup because I have a fructose intolerance and it makes me sick if I have maple syrup. BUT I've heard that agave nectar is terrible for one's health so I'm not sure what to do.
  17. Galatea

    Vegan Maca root Smoothies

    1-2 Tablespoons maca powder 1 cup Almond milk 1 cup Water 1 tbsp Chia Seed 0.5 tbsp Cocoa powder 1 cup frozen Berries 1 Banana 1-2 tablespoons Maca powder 1 banana 1 cup Almond milk 1-2 teaspoons Cinnamon 1-2 teaspoons Vanilla extract 1 - 2 tablespoons Maca powder 1/2 tsp Cinnamon (1 tbsp...
  18. T

    Being vegetarian is making me unhealthy?

    So I've been vegetarian for 4 years now, and everything was going fine for a while. After a year of being vegetarian though, I just noticed a downfall from there to now. I got really bad eczema on my right hand (never had it before), my anxiety increased, I'm more tired and lazy, and I'm...
  19. Susanne A.

    Product These essential oils are w o n d e r f u l!

    I have already mentioned this on here but I've just came across this sub-section. As a person who is gradually transitioning into more and more 'natural', 'eco' lifestyle I stopped using 'commercial, conventional' makeup and perfume. But as a very girly girl I needed some sort of substitute. I...
  20. Susanne A.

    Help with sore throat needed

    This summer heat is killing me! It got to the point where every time when I enter a place with air-con on, I instantly get a bad sore throat. I thought of some cough syrups but I couldn't find any vegan alternative. Would you guys recommend something effective and vegan-friendly?