Am I able to become vegan?


Apr 28, 2019
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In the first instance, I´d like to apologize for my poor writing, English is not my main language and I couldn´t achieve the information I required on local forums. I´m 17, from Spain, and I would like to become vegan in order to decrease my environmental impact.
These are the facts, I suffer from the coeliac condition, I´m allergic to nuts and some legumes (if everything goes OK I´d surpass this allergy soon, I can already eat peas and beans) and I am craving for some information that could help me to overcome these difficulties. As far as I know, nuts are very important in the vegan diet and I guess that wheat, barley, oat (this can be found without gluten) and rye are essential too.
Is it possible to develop a healthy vegan diet with all the nutritional values that I need as a growing human taking into account my intolerances? Please, let me know all the information you can.
Thank you in advance.


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Jun 8, 2018
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San Mateo, Ca
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The fast and quick answer is yes.

The complete and detailed answer is going to be much longer.

Your writing seems fine to me so I'm not going to dumb this down or anything. but please feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something.

Most people become vegans for ethical reasons. There are many things we do that don't improve our health or reduce our carbon footprint. However, as far as lifestyles go - it is very healthy and has the smallest carbon footprint. So many health-oriented or climate aware individuals are attracted to veganism.

I'm an ethical vegan and I don't really care that much about people's motivations. Why-ever you choose veganism, it's still going to save some animals.

However, you may want to re-think veganism as a path for yourself. There are easier ways to reduce your environmental impact with diet. There are even some cool names and groups of people who do that. I just learned the word Climatarian last week. It is now in the dictionary. Climatarians also have their own webpage.

There are also reducetarians

Good news is veganism is compatible with these, too. So you could be all three!

No matter what you decide to do, I have some suggestions for you.

First off you said you had coeliac's disease. Here in the US, there was just a study. I tried to find a link to it but I don't remember the important keywords. but maybe later. Anyway, it turns out that a lot of people didn't know they had coeliac's disease - but did. And also a lot of people thought they had it, or were sensitive to gluten but were not. So if you haven't been tested that should be first.

But anyway there are gluten-free vegans. there is even some webpages, recipe books, blogs, etc.
I was going to recommend one to you. I couldn't remember the woman's name so I googled it and found that there are so many resources. Here are the top 50

The thing about your food allergies is that they will have to be worked around. Some people are allergic to peanuts but not to true tree nuts. They have tests for these and if you can find just one kind of nut you aren't allergic to you can just eat that one. The recommended amount of nuts in a vegan diet is just a handful anyway.

The legumes thing would be more serious but you said you could eat some beans and peas. So that's good. And it sounds like maybe you are being treated for this allergy?

It doesn't look like you have any unsurpassable issues. It will just be a little extra tricky in the beginning.

So I hope you try. I'm looking forward to seeing you around here, too.
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Mar 11, 2019
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Lots of people are becoming vegan and also dealing a good healthy life. You must chose the diet chart according to your body needs. Consult with doctor, if you have any deficiency, like iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency etc. and take the foods accordingly. Then I hope there will be no issues.