1. J

    UK Vegan ready made soup-allergy free

    Hello, I'm new. Does anyone know of any allergy free ready made vegan meals? I've tried looking but can't find any without oats, coconut, tapioca, etc. (I react to them all.) Also, biscuits? Are there any vegan ones without oats? I can't have any form of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and yeast...
  2. J

    UK New here-Vegan with allergies

    Hello. I'm John. Vegan for over 10 years. Struggling at the moment as I've allergies (gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast) I even react to gluten free oats. Joined on a suggestion to ask can any one help me find ready made meals that are vegan and allergy free (I've tried. I'm still looking.)...
  3. Arvin

    Product 300 Vegan/PB Recipe Cookbook

    This amazing new Vegan cookbook now includes over 300 New Delicious Vegan Recipes, 30 Day Meal Plan, And Bonus eBooks! PRODUCT 1: 150 VEGAN RECIPES 150 Vegan Recipes Filled with colorful fresh fruit, nutrient-rich toppings, and full of natural goodness as beautiful as they are delicious...
  4. Uchiha

    Misc Exclusive discord gaming server

    any vegans looking for a vegan-exclusive discord gaming server? here is the link to one i recently joined [: i hope to see some new peeps there! we host weekly gaming events too! the server is also in partner with an vegan exclusive dating server, which is exciting...
  5. R

    Recruiting Participants

    Hi! I'm currently recruiting participants who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet to participate in my online study 'The Role of Personality on Dietary Habits' for my psychology thesis at the University of Aberdeen. You'll be asked to complete an online questionnaire via Google Forms that should...
  6. A

    Survey-Veganism & the cost of living crisis

    Are you interested in participating in a university feature about veganism and the cost of living crisis? I am writing a feature about veganism and the cost of living crisis for my university assignment and I am looking for willing participants to take a minute to answer few questions. Please...
  7. Paddy

    Misc Help spread the benefits of a plant based lifestyle

    Hello! Help me spread the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle by visiting my new website on Health and Wellness focusing on Plant Based Whole Food nutrition, sobriety, and yoga. The more readers I get the higher the site will rank, in turn reaching more people. You will (hopefully) find some...
  8. Ydobon777

    EU Parents not letting me be Vegan anymore

    Hey everyone. I've been trying to gather help from different social media, I am desperate for help and the saving of animals ! My ( complicated ) situation is the following ; I'm living with my ex-Plant-Based family, I can't move out because I am disabled and other personal things, I have no...
  9. J

    Tasty Vegan Recipes From Scratch-Cookbook

    The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook Includes over 100 mouth-watering recipes for Everyone to Enjoy! Fellow Plant-Based Friends, Let's be serious here... You're here because you already know a vegan diet is healthier than any other diet that exists. Research shows there's been a 600% increase in...
  10. A

    Towards a sustainable future

    If you live in the UK and have a spare 5 minutes, please could you fill out this survey about plant-based diets. Online Form Builder | Free Online Survey Tool Thank you.
  11. P

    Plant Based Photo Project

    Hi there, My name is Paige. I have been vegan for almost three years now. I'm also a photographer who focuses on vegan and plant based living. I'm currently raising funds for a plant based photo project that will bring awareness to this lifestyle on a global scale. I plan to document...
  12. Pim

    Finding vegan wine

    Do you drink vegan wine, as a vegan?
  13. adina


    Why are people confused thinking veganism is just a diet?
  14. G

    Why is veganism making me feel lonely

    Hi everyone, I recently became a vegan after being a vegetarian for years. I have a hard time with social situations and dealing with a lot of mis-understanding. My boyfriend and my parents don't understand and they find it annoying. My boyfriend does his best to support me, but when someone...
  15. A

    Becoming Vegan

    I've wanted to become vegan for about 3-4 years now, but I've always been told by my parents, for as long as I live in their house, it won't be an option. They said they will not cook me any special meals or buy me special food because I'm "not special" I've offered to pay for my own food...
  16. N

    Grilled Watermelon

    Grilled watermelon treated like a vegetable with savoury seasonings is delicious. Most of the water cooks out, leaving behind a tasty little "steak" with wonderful texture. You can broil it too; just make sure the juices can drain free (not onto your oven floor) so it doesn't steam. Serve this...
  17. T

    Product Vegan Skincare

    Hey dear vegans :) I spend over a year creating this vegan skincare guide.. Now, I would like to ask your feedback! What are your favorite vegan skincare brands? How about products? I aimed to cover each product category: vegan moisturizers, creams, oils etc.. for different skin types: oily...
  18. Edaryion

    EU Elodin Istina's Introduction

    :wave: Hello users of 'VeganForum'! I am new here! 😁 I have just finished setting up my forum profile. 🗓️ I have been a vegan for approximately two years, I wish I had learned of the truth earlier. 😞 Sometimes, I make philosophical YouTube videos. 👤 I have designed my Instagram profile into...
  19. N


    I am a new vegan. I have been eating meat my whole life. However, I changed to a vegan lifestyle recently and noticed that I have been having mild headaches for the past few weeks. I have been vegan for a month in total. Is this normal? Any advice on how to avoid this if it is normal.
  20. R

    Hypothyroidism and plant-based diet-your thoughts?

    I came across this video and found it really interesting Does anyone suffer with Hypothyroidism? Do you feel your plant-based diet can help with this? I'd love to hear other people's thoughts because I recently got diagnosed!