1. 2 ingredient Hemp Seed Smoothie Recipe

    2 ingredient Hemp Seed Smoothie Recipe

    Learn today the simple 2 igredient hemp seed smoothie you can start enjoying! THIS is a must for vegan bodybuilders like myself who need a spike in insulin for muscle growth stay blessed
  2. The Master Of Design

    Living in Bali?

    I recently moved to Bali! (Living here already 9 months lol...) I don't know how many of you have been here but this is a vegan paradise. It's summer all year round and you can swim, surf and go to the beach every day! Probably someone will ask me what I do so, I used to work as a freelancer...
  3. The Master Of Design

    What is the best way to spread veganism?

    What do you think is the best way to spread veganism? I did participate in the cube of truth and similar events but often feel like it's not enough... Please share with me how do you promote veganism and do you think we are doing enough... Thank you!
  4. 2 Ingredient Hemp Shake Vegan Non GMO

    2 Ingredient Hemp Shake Vegan Non GMO

    I love the simplicity of this shake and it's a must for a bodybuilder like myself who gets hungry ever frickin hour. Gas surprisingly isn't a problem for me anymore which is awesome hope you enjoy
  5. C

    Best kitchen tools for the vegan restaurant

    I plan to start a new restaurant business in the vegan style. The menu is not too wide. Could I get some advice on what kitchen tools are better? And what is necessary to take?
  6. Vegan Pancakes Found a 2 Ingredient Recipe!

    Vegan Pancakes Found a 2 Ingredient Recipe!

    The recipe is in the video and these things are super satiating! Simply use seeds, or nuts as the pancake mix!
  7. Best Vegan Pre-Workout

    Best Vegan Pre-Workout

    Moringa powder do you like? Hemp powder? Algae powder? Learn today about the best pre-workout you usually wouldn't expect to be in a meal or in your mouth. *it's not any of the previous listed ones*
  8. C

    Hello, from a new Vegan Author

    I just published my first children's book and know you and your kids will love it like my son and his friends. It has lots of great rhymes about living plant based! I'd love your feedback, thanks guys -Casey
  9. C

    Vegan Children's Book!!

    My son and his classmates love it, I'm sure you and your kids will too, there's lots of fun rhymes about fruits and veggies, check it out :)
  10. J

    Best Vegan Products

    Hi, I just saw a someone's post asking if anyone knows any good vegan protein powder but reading through the comment i didn't see any body with the solution to his question so i just decided to share with you guys a good and reliable protein powder that is free from any artificial chemicals...
  11. Health Instincts

    Game Changers Anyone?

    Game changers has had a big impact on the way people view nutrition. I no longer view my health life as, eating 80% good foods and exercsing 20% of the time daily. I now view my health as, "Noursing my body with the optimal amount of what it needs." Are bodies are very adaptable and you don't...
  12. Vegan Bodybuilding

    Vegan Bodybuilding

    vegan-sources-of-protein-chart_1200x800.jpg Vegan, living time and not passing time, nourishing your body verses just feeding a hunger, and bodybuilding is what this thread is about. To start off...
  13. M

    Please help animals!

    We ask everyone who is able to buy the shirt because you donate $ 10 to an animal charity for each shirt sold. Those who are unable to please share the link with others. Buy T-shirt link: https: //
  14. Vegan Shoes

    Vegan Shoes

    Made my the company Vegetarian Shoes based in the UK, I believe they were made in Portugal. I bought them whilst visiting family in the UK, it is quite difficult to find vegan shoes in Shanghai (although I'm sure I could find some Dr Martens if I tried). About £80 to £88.
  15. Sylvain M

    News Webzine Vegan Underground News n°0 SPIDER

    Click here, Webzine Vegan Underground News n°0 SPIDER and read or watch the talent of Vegan artists and Activists. It's a free Webzine. Also available in French and Spanish! I'm the creator of this online magazine, and I will be happy to answer your questions. Good Surf !
  16. R

    Product Awesome Free Vegan cook book

    Learn some amazing new vegan/ vegetarian recipes. These healthy meals will help save you and the world! Click this link - to download your own FREE copy. Thank me later.
  17. V

    Vegetarian/Vegan Survey

    Hello vegetarian and vegan community, I am writing to you to ask if you could complete a survey about how Marketing influences 16 to 35 years-old vegan/vegetarian people. This survey is a part of my marketing research assessment. It won't take more than 3 minutes. I really appreciate your...
  18. Vegan News

    Media 125 Vegan Snacks You Can Buy In The U.S. vegaClick here to see the article
  19. V

    20 Question School Project!

    Hi everyone! I hope this post is okay, I have a project in my Understanding Consumers class on being vegan and I have about 20 questions I need to ask someone regarding the lifestyle/eating habits, etc. I was hoping to find two people who could answer these, and I can Venmo the participants $5...
  20. JessikaM

    Plant Based Diets Can Feed More People Than Animal Based Diets?

    Why aren't there global strikes for this??? I want to see strikes similar to Fridays For Future, but for Ending Global Hunger also. Strikes for a plant based diet to be adopted in oder to support the end of hunger in the world. What do y'all think??