1. Indian Summer

    #Wfpb is defined as anti-oil,anti-protein,anti-nut quackery

    Seen on Twitter: Please discuss!
  2. R

    Sugar-Free and Vegan

    Hello, I keep going back and forth from veggie to vegan. I was vegan before, and I haven’t intentionally eaten meat since I was 13 (I’m now 26). I have binge eating disorder and a sugar addiction. I am thinking of going sugar-free, but I want to go vegan as well. Has anyone here ever done...
  3. Amy SF

    UK Vegan Bake Off Contestant Deletes Social Media Page Following Horse Riding Backlash Vegan Bake Off Contestant Deletes Social Media Page Following Horse Riding Backlash Sorry about the large...
  4. rita013

    Vegan Pandemic Baby (LOL)

    Hello there, anyone here can help me find the best vegan boots that are quite stylish? I recently transitioned to Vegan (pandemic exploration LOL) and it works out fine and i quite enjoyed the process. I wanted to go all out on it and even have wardrobes that only vegan made. I saw this blog...
  5. Lollipotts

    UK Lollipotts-Vegan Chocolate Shop

    Hi there guys, Sorry if this isn't an appropriate place to post this, but I've just started up a website for my shop, Lollipotts, that's been selling at markets for a while now and we want to get our name out there! We're 100% vegan chocolatiers with a passion for the weird and wacky! If...
  6. Gobser

    Support my petition-To turn off meat advertisement.

    Please, support my petition for Google to create an option for vegans to Block meat advertisment. I am not a user of this forum, I am just a vegan neophite from Russia, but these ads offend and disgust me. I would greatly appreciate if you could support my petition to Google. I hope together...
  7. wolfynerd0000

    Help- I use instacart.Buying vegan stuff

    i use instacart for petty much all my of my food with in its self is vegan but they use plastic bags witch are not vegan at all (links below) iam in an ethical melt down please help Is There Animal Fat in Your Plastic Bag? 11 common items in the home you mistakenly think are vegan-friendly...
  8. TheVeganTrappers

    Introduction & Explanation-We are 'The Vegan Trappers'

    Hi Everyone! We explore the nature surrounding our home, leaving camera-traps along the way. Adventuring through wilderness while searching the nooks and crannies has always been a passion of ours, and photography has always been a great way to share that passion with others. But we were...
  9. broldin

    My Vegan Game is Coming Out Soon!

    I want to share a game with you that changed my life. Making this game, Do Animals Dream?, has helped me interrogate my own biases on animal welfare and ultimately led me to changing my diet. I made this game with my best friend from middle school Matthew, and he has become vegan as a result of...
  10. JZMN21

    Favorite Vegan Restaurants

    Hey Loves!!!!!! What are some of you all's favorite vegan restaurants? I like to go to vegan restaurants and showcase them on my YouTube. I would to have a show where I get to showcase vegan restaurants from around the country. Here is one video where I showcased a vegan restaurant. It's...
  11. Ninaswedish

    Animal-eater is being mean on youtube

    Hello! This is my first visit on this website and I hope to find new friends here! <3 I have a problem. I spread compassion for animals in the comment section on a youtube clip ... MiOCB5U91B. An animal-eater started to attack me and now she won't stop...
  12. John Brown

    Clothes about Vegetarianism

    Hello, there are clothes about vegetarianism on sale here. I think the products are very good for me as a vegan. I also recommend you to have a try. Click this link to enter!
  13. Owwku

    Vegan T-shirt

    Hello, I've recently bought this Vegan T-shirt and I would recommend everyone to try it out. It has a really cool design, simple but with a strong message. I really hope you like it.
  14. hanane Biobeldi

    Hi I'm Chef Hanane Biobeldi Restaurant

    I'm chef Hanane who is considered by many as the best chef in her région when it comes to organic and vegan dishes. After completing my culinary arts studies in Moroccan and Berber kitchen, i were offered an opportunity to be a chef in a famous hôtel in Agadir. However, since my mother got ill...
  15. animalluver274

    Amy's Kitchen-Survey

    (in much need of participants) Hello! I am currently conducting a survey on Amy's Kitchen's communications for my pr research class, and I am in dire need of some participants to take it. This survey will take 5 minutes or less. I am not affiliated with Amy's Kitchen this is solely for class...
  16. Mycovation

    Survey-Building mycelium-based protein products

    Hello! I am a food scientist and am working on harnessing the amazing power of mycelium to build some of the tastiest, healthiest vegan protein alternatives for a new set of products. We are looking to build ready-to-eat products for the busy vegans and vegetarians who love Asian cuisine. The...
  17. K

    Help-Gluten Free

    Help with meal planning for one guest who is gluten free and others who eat meat but all open to and enjoy trying vegan options. I’m planning on hosting a few people who are open to vegan options (one who is gluten free). I really would like to impress all parties and show them that it’s...
  18. T

    Vegan spirits and alcoholic drinks ?

    Hallo guys I'm Thomas, I'm new to the community. I have a question regarding alcohol. I would love to know more about vegan spirits and alcoholic beverages. What types of alcohol is 100% vegan? I we read online that the most common non-vegan ingredients in alcohol are isinglass, made from the...
  19. DannyGreenway

    TV & Film Vegan Activist Film-A Debut Animated Film!

    Hey everyone! I'm a 24 year-old filmmaker and vegan activist and I've created my first Animated Short Film! I would really appreciate any feedback on this project as I put a lot of work into it. The film is trying to raise awareness of the atrocities that take place during factory farming. I...
  20. B


    Hi all, I would very much appreciate if you could take 2 minutes to complete this survey. Its for a business idea for university, in which I am trying to push veganism. Thanks!