1. T

    Product Vegan Skincare

    Hey dear vegans :) I spend over a year creating this vegan skincare guide.. Now, I would like to ask your feedback! What are your favorite vegan skincare brands? How about products? I aimed to cover each product category: vegan moisturizers, creams, oils etc.. for different skin types: oily...
  2. Edaryion

    EU Elodin Istina's Introduction

    :wave: Hello users of 'VeganForum'! I am new here! 😁 I have just finished setting up my forum profile. 🗓️ I have been a vegan for approximately two years, I wish I had learned of the truth earlier. 😞 Sometimes, I make philosophical YouTube videos. 👤 I have designed my Instagram profile into...
  3. N


    I am a new vegan. I have been eating meat my whole life. However, I changed to a vegan lifestyle recently and noticed that I have been having mild headaches for the past few weeks. I have been vegan for a month in total. Is this normal? Any advice on how to avoid this if it is normal.
  4. R

    Hypothyroidism and plant-based diet-your thoughts?

    I came across this video and found it really interesting Does anyone suffer with Hypothyroidism? Do you feel your plant-based diet can help with this? I'd love to hear other people's thoughts because I recently got diagnosed!
  5. Daniel2022

    What struggles do you face with your plant-based diet?

    Hello everyone! After much deliberation, I've finally decided try the plant-based lifestyle. The decision has been an exciting one and somewhat overwhelming. It has also inspired me to perform a research project for class to determine some common struggles new pescatarians/vegetarians/vegans...
  6. Veganflowerpower

    Would love to meet vegan people in the UK

    Hi everyone, I would love to make more vegan friends, I live in wales, am a musician and artist - spent a lot of time living in communities - like to have a laugh and take things easy generally - The world is pretty crazy, and its good to find people who are still sane! Iv attached pictures of...
  7. C

    Veganism & Sexuality

    Hey there! I'm a postgraduate student at the University of Stirling looking at the relationship between gender/sexuality and diet/lifestyle. If you have 20-30 minutes to take this survey, that would be awesome!
  8. M

    finally found a vegan crouton! 🙏

    if people think all vegans eat is salads then why is it so hard to find a darn vegan crouton!!! my local kroger has like 30 croutons and all have butter flavor or milk in them. it's insane. found this brand kooshy croutons here in IL at my fresh thyme and they're delicious and vegan...
  9. I

    US Survey plant-based dairy alternatives (5 minutes)

    Dear sir/madam, I am Isa van Eldijk, 22 years old and I am currently in the final year of the International Business study at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. I am conducting research about the fact that DSM is already active in the USA with ingredients for...
  10. R

    Veganism and binge eating disorder

    TW: Suicide and hating self Those of you who have read my other posts will know that I am autistic and that I used to be vegan but am now just vegetarian. I have binge eating disorder, which is a disease that has caused me to go from vegan back to vegetarian. I know what the animals go through...
  11. Nadege

    Vegan t-shirts

    Hello everyone. I created a fun t-shirt if you are interested, I'll leave you the link.
  12. Leonietnzr

    Vegan Student needs help for research

    Hiya! My name is Leonie and I am a 3rd year student at the University of Greenwich. I am currently doing my dissertation on "how veganism is influencing travel behaviour". I am looking for people who would like to take part in an online interview about that. If you are interested or know...
  13. D

    Veganism and Carbon Footprint Questionnaire

    Hey vegan friends! I am in the final year of my degree studying BSc Animal Conservation and Biodiversity. For my honours project I am doing a questionnaire about veganism and carbon footprints. If you would like to take part I would greatly appreciate it! Should take 5 mins, thank you :) Here is...
  14. P

    The Best Vegan Cookbook I've Ever Read

    I did a quick search and didn't see anything about The Korean Vegan pop up, so thought I'd share because her recipes and recent cookbook have upped my vegan cooking game tenfold. She's very popular on TikTok (a TikToker? Is that what the kids say?) and came out with her first cookbook a couple...
  15. Y

    Get inspired my yummies

    Hello, my loves I hope you are all doing great. Today I take this chance to introduce myself and my work. We are a new Website with awesome and vegan/vegetarian Recipes. I hope you are all ready for this journey and are going to join our lovely veggie Family. My biggest wish is to inspire as...
  16. SawyerMarie

    Question about eggs

    I love animals- all creatures. I save the spiders in my home, I rescue snakes, I make homes for bees and respect all critters. I have not eaten meat or dairy or honey in 6 years. HOWEVER, I do have ducks and I eat their eggs. I have no males, they’re never fertilized. My ducks live the best life...
  17. Habiba

    Investigating the relationship between diet type & mood.

    Hi everyone, I'm a current final year psychology undergraduate student working on my dissertation project. I would be very grateful if you could help me by participating in my study exploring the relationship between diet type and mood. Your participation will take a few minutes of your time...
  18. R

    Vegan and Cravings and Holiday

    Hello, I have just gone vegan again as of last week (I would go to and fro with being vegan vs veggie). We are due to go away to Lanzarote in November (yay!). We have managed with my being vegan in Lanzarote before. However, most of the desserts at the restaurants are not vegan, and neither...
  19. Indian Summer

    #Wfpb is defined as anti-oil,anti-protein,anti-nut quackery

    Seen on Twitter: Please discuss!
  20. R

    Sugar-Free and Vegan

    Hello, I keep going back and forth from veggie to vegan. I was vegan before, and I haven’t intentionally eaten meat since I was 13 (I’m now 26). I have binge eating disorder and a sugar addiction. I am thinking of going sugar-free, but I want to go vegan as well. Has anyone here ever done...