1. Mycovation

    Survey-Building mycelium-based protein products

    Hello! I am a food scientist and am working on harnessing the amazing power of mycelium to build some of the tastiest, healthiest vegan protein alternatives for a new set of products. We are looking to build ready-to-eat products for the busy vegans and vegetarians who love Asian cuisine. The...
  2. K

    Help-Gluten Free

    Help with meal planning for one guest who is gluten free and others who eat meat but all open to and enjoy trying vegan options. I’m planning on hosting a few people who are open to vegan options (one who is gluten free). I really would like to impress all parties and show them that it’s...
  3. T

    Vegan spirits and alcoholic drinks ?

    Hallo guys I'm Thomas, I'm new to the community. I have a question regarding alcohol. I would love to know more about vegan spirits and alcoholic beverages. What types of alcohol is 100% vegan? I we read online that the most common non-vegan ingredients in alcohol are isinglass, made from the...
  4. DannyGreenway

    TV & Film Vegan Activist Film-A Debut Animated Film!

    Hey everyone! I'm a 24 year-old filmmaker and vegan activist and I've created my first Animated Short Film! I would really appreciate any feedback on this project as I put a lot of work into it. The film is trying to raise awareness of the atrocities that take place during factory farming. I...
  5. B


    Hi all, I would very much appreciate if you could take 2 minutes to complete this survey. Its for a business idea for university, in which I am trying to push veganism. Thanks!
  6. V

    Vegan mask?

    Hey! I was searching for a cool vegan mask for a while and.. I found it on redbubble. Just decided to share it with you, no need to buy it but it looks amazing.
  7. S

    French vegan shoes

    Hello ! The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world and wastes a lot. Do you think that today it is necessary to turn to sustainable fashion? I am looking more and more into this subject and I came across a young, super-committed sneaker brand named COG. They are a french...
  8. A

    Proud to be vegan t-shirts

    Amazing t-shirts and hoodies for cheap prices and ıf you buy this money goes to vegan societys. I think you shoul take a look. PROUD TO BE A VEGAN
  9. B

    Vegan clothing

    check out these clothes
  10. Y

    Sugar and Veganism

    Hey everyone, I am having a real hard time here. I’m a vegetarian, and have been for 15 years (since 7th grade). Back then I didn’t really do research on why I could or could not have being a vegetarian. But something came up recently where I’m learning I literally have to contact all these...
  11. Vegue

    New vegan marketplace l

    Hello, I’m starting a new vegan marketplace in the new year, bringing together a range of vegan fashion, accessories, homewares and beauty brands in one place so people can shop safe in the knowledge that everything is 100% vegan and cruelty free. I hope you’ll check us out at Vegue. If...
  12. L

    Survey-Vegan Ice cream

    Hello! My name is Lina and I'm a highschool student in Stockholm. Me and my classmate are doing a study in my economics class where we are analyzing if vegan icecream is wanted on the market and by people. I would really appreciate it if you could answer this 5 min survey and help us out. Thanks...
  13. S

    UK Why using vegan beauty products is great!

    I've recently decided to switch to vegan and now trying to transition into vegan and cruetly free beauty products! Which I'm excited about! Anyone else recently made the switch, I'd love to know, but anyways below is a article on why vegan beauty is not only great for animals but people too...
  14. J

    UK Best Vegan Supplements

    Hey, hope you people are doing well while keeping your fitness great. Looking for Best Vegan Supplements UK ? I want to make into the knowledge of you people that I am nowadays using Vegan Supplements from Vegan Vitality ( and the results are just amazing, want to...
  15. Pumpkin-Spice-Vegan

    CA My Meat-Tooth Cravings

    I don’t typically have a sweet-tooth, but I used to have meat-tooth often. I don’t miss most foods. I will admit, before I went vegan, I tried Jollibee’s chicken. I never made it to Toronto’s new Chick Fil A but I hear it’s like Wendy’s. I loved steak. But for most of this year as a...
  16. Pumpkin-Spice-Vegan

    The Iron Buddha Bowl

    In certain parts of the world, Thalassemia is common. It’s a type of genetic anemia. I am originally from the beaches of sunny Italy. Of course, I live in Canada, but my anemia followed me there. I just made an Iron Buddha Bowl. My own combination, though I regret that I have not invented the...
  17. Pumpkin-Spice-Vegan

    CA How Often Should I Eat?

    I think I eat every few hours or less. It feels like I eat all day. I’ve been vegetarian for a while, but now I’m vegan. I’m still a noob. I was also awake all night the first night of going dairy-free. In agony. In the stomach. Is that normal? I was just on the phone with someone who said I...
  18. R

    Service Vegan App being developed! Apply here.

    I am currently developing an app to help increase visibility of vegan/vegetarian restaurants and catering services in your local area. Anyone is free to fill out the questionnaire below to see if you fit the user type I am looking to test. Make sure to put your email in the form so I can reach...
  19. L

    UK Bristol: The Vegan Capital of The World

    Bristol is now the world leader in Veganism: Bristol: Home of Banksy and Now the Vegan Capital of The World
  20. N

    Where to find unwaxed lemons?

    I've recently been trying to drink warm lemon water in the mornings as a substitute for coffee but recently found out that not all lemons are vegan. I feel so frustrated that I didn't know about this. Does anyone know if organic lemons still have wax on them? How can I find unwaxed lemons or how...