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Jan 26, 2023
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Hello. I'm John.
Vegan for over 10 years.
Struggling at the moment as I've allergies (gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast)
I even react to gluten free oats.
Joined on a suggestion to ask can any one help me find ready made meals that are vegan and allergy free (I've tried. I'm still looking.)
Goodness to you all.
welcome John

Ready made meals that are tasty and vegan are tough enough to find without the added allergies in the mix.

May I suggest that you make your own? in advance? so they are ready made?

Emma JC
Find your vegan soulmate or just a friend.
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I totally agree with @Emma JC.

I'm have this thing I call assembly line meals. Some people call it Bulk Preparation or Bulk Meal Prep,

considering all your restrictions - is going to be the best way to go.

There is a learning curve to it. Plus you may need some more kitchen stuff. But it's not going to be to hard and in the long run you will save lots of money. you may even find it fun.

Basically the idea is that it doesn't take twice as long to make two meals instead of one. And once you are making two it doesn't take that much longer to make five. A lot of things can get frozen and heated up later in the week. or refrigerated and saved for a few days. or most of the prep can be done ahead of time and just the final steps needed to be done.

Let me know if this appeals to you and I can help you with it