Considering Veganism-Need Allergy-Based Advice


Jan 7, 2021
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Hi there,
I've been considering making a change to my lifestyle to become vegan for some time. For me, the decision is one purely based upon a desire to no longer eat animals or use animal by-products. I currently still eat meat, at least once per day.

I am interested in meat-alternatives that I can use in place of meat products, but I have a range of diagnosed systemic allergies that are making it very hard for me to locate products that I could consume.

What is causing me an issue finding meat alternatives is my systemic allergy to wheat, soya, rice, rye, gluten, and peanuts. I cannot consume any of these in any volume no matter how small without risking the use of my epi-pen. I also have sensitivity to all mushrooms (although not a systemic allergic response) and need to avoid them.

I am also allergic to dairy, eggs, mango and kiwi fruit (but I don't think these affect vegan meat alternatives).

I would appreciate any advice regarding meat alternatives that may allow me to avoid these allergens.

Kind Regards,

There is a vegan blogger who doesn't eat soy or gluten. I will try to remember or find the name of her blog. My niece actually knows her so I could just ask her.

Usually, the first thing I ask someone with allergies is if they have seen a specialist on allergies. Your reference to an epi-pen indicates that you have at least seen a doctor about this. Has treatment been suggested or tried? That's a lot of food allergies to live with. I know that they have been successfully treating children with an allergy to eggs. So perhaps some treatments are available to you?

I just tried using Google to find that blogger. I found these instead

None of these are the right ones. and I think only the first one is entirely soy and gluten-free. But i think it helps to know that there are many vegans who also have restricted their diets.

There are also some good resources on the web.
here is a good one.
That's tough, but beans, legumes, tree nuts, lentils, seeds, okay?

A lot of new plant based choices are based around pea protein now, but I don;'t know about other ingredients

I bet Lou was thinking of --

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