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Hello @JuanMM , welcome to the group and to a more compassionate lifestyle!!!

I stopped eating meat some 30 years ago and eating any other animal products some 13 years ago.

Was that difficult? In the beginning, yes, a little bit.

I am living in Europe, Austria in 1990 and Germany now, both countries where typically lots of meat were and are eaten and the average idea of a vegan dish used to be a large salad.

In the beginning, I typically went to either Italian or Chinese places, as those typically offered vegetarian and/or vegan options on their normal menus. Nowadays, it's pretty easy to find vegan options in "normal" places once you look for them.

Worst thing I remember from my recent history was a business trip to Mexico and Brazil some 10 years ago, where we had lunch at fancy restaurants every day that did not have any vegan dishes on their normal menu, so I subsisted for a week on my daily special order of "Can you please make me just pasta with tomato sauce, and hold the cheese?", which is what any chef can whip up quickly.

Nowadays, I can get a "plant-based whopper" at BK easily, and most other restaurants (even my company cafeteria) do have some vegan options available.

Oh, and just to share my personal experience, once I had stopped eating meat for about a month, I did not actually crave it anymore.
Not an issue nowadays, as you can get a "Beyond Burger" or similar in most places, but important back then.
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