1. J

    UK New here-Vegan with allergies

    Hello. I'm John. Vegan for over 10 years. Struggling at the moment as I've allergies (gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast) I even react to gluten free oats. Joined on a suggestion to ask can any one help me find ready made meals that are vegan and allergy free (I've tried. I'm still looking.)...
  2. M

    Question-Unique Vegan food & drink products?

    unique Vegan food and drink products people love and would like to see more of Hello everyone! I'm doing research for my business sixth form project. I understand there is a wide variety of vegan products available now but I'm just interested in what unique food or drink products they have...
  3. M

    Advice for transitioning vegan & food suggestions

    Hello, I am a vegan newbie and I have just started on Monday. If anyone has valuable advice to keep them motivated to eat their veggies please let me know by contacting me on snap chat: here_magkally Thank you so much, Maggie
  4. P

    New vegan-Need recipes & advice Pls

    Heya, I'm Miles and I am going vegan for moral and health reasons. I'm serious about this but I have a couple of bumps in the road. The issue is that due to my OCD/Autism there is a lot of food I have tried to on numerous occasions stomach, but I just can't. I grew up with a vegan mom so I've...
  5. Robin


    Hi all just a quick Hello. Thank you for approving me. Im Robin I live in the wierd state of Oregon, been Vegan for over 2 yrs. and love it. Look forward to chatting with you about your life changes.. Have a great day..:sun::sun:
  6. Busybee22

    Hello world!

    Hi everyone, my name's Ashley and I've been a vegan now for 2 years. I am really excited to share my knowledge and last 2 years of research as to what I use on my skin, and my diet routine. I am also really looking forward to learning from others! I hope to make a lot of new friends here...
  7. L

    New vegan is so bloated..

    Hi Everyone, my name is Lena and im just new to this forum.. and just new to veganism! (I hope that my english is good enough, im from The Netherlands) (I always accidentally write butt in stead of but). I just started being a vegan 3/4 weeks ago, before that I was an vegetarian (but I...
  8. P

    The leap of faith.

    Well hello all. A very quick bit about me. I'm a paramedic over in the UK. I'm currently on a VLCD (very low calorie diet)(I'm not going to go into detail here as to why or how) and once completed am going to begin my vegan life. As a paramedic I'm very busy with shift work and don't have much...
  9. J

    Help please!

    So I am wanting to transition to a vegan diet, but I have no clue where to start. I currently am trying to bulk in the gym so I was also curious as to how I could do that on a vegan diet. Thank you
  10. Julie

    Cold-turkey vegan (pardon the pun)

    Hello! I'm Julie, from Wisconsin USA living in Colombia. It's my fourth day being vegan, I'm brand new and would greatly appreciate any advice y'all can give me! My reasons for going vegan are personal health, environmental sustainability, and animal suffering. I truly never knew all of the...
  11. S

    New vegan: 2 weeks in. what to expect?

    Hi everyone. I'm joining vegan forum for two main reasons. 1) I just transitioned to a vegan life style around a week and a half ago and I would like to share my experiences and learn from others 2) I am doing a a virtual forum research paper for my university (it will only be seen among my...
  12. L

    New vegan

    Hi, I've only been vegan for about a week and a half. I'm on break right now, so have been at home with my parents and staying with grandparents. It's hard with this new lifestyle because they don't know how to feed me. The past couple days I probably haven't been eating entirely enough, but...
  13. Damo

    New additions

    Hello! We've included two new forums "Philosophy" & "Environment", you'll also notice that a few forums have moved out of the main "Veganism" section to "Lifestyle", this is purely because the main veganism section was becoming a little crowded, plus the moved forums sit more comfortably in...
  14. D

    Vegetarian > Omnivore > Vegan

    I practiced vegetarianism for 4 or 5 years and had no problems with the lifestyle at all but due to personal problems I had to move back in with my parents who simply could not afford to pay for vegetarian and omnivorous diets and I was out of work at the time so I either ate meat or starved. I...
  15. R

    Hi :)

    Hello everyone :) I'm Rachael, I'm 25 and I'm from Newcastle, UK. I've been vegan for a year but only just discovered this forum!
  16. Nina

    Hello, fellow veggienators C:

    Hi there! :wave: I'm Nina, a vegetarian from the US. My interest are, music, art, animals, photography, marine biology, cat behavior study, books/reading, food, and a whole lot more! :p I'm currently a slave to my two pets, Wasabi, a full grown Syrian hamster, and Samwise, a crazy hyper...