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Dale Howey

Feb 7, 2016
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I practiced vegetarianism for 4 or 5 years and had no problems with the lifestyle at all but due to personal problems I had to move back in with my parents who simply could not afford to pay for vegetarian and omnivorous diets and I was out of work at the time so I either ate meat or starved.

I have now moved out and have the opportunity to change my diet and be happy again although I feel it would be more appropriate to follow a vegan lifestyle.

The main reason I am writing here is to ask for advice. I want to know what the staples for a general vegan diet are I see a lot of lists on the Internet but I am really not interested in sweet foods and I am not sure which seeds and grains are just for savoury etc.

Would really appreciate some help guys and gals!

Edit: I'd like to take this opportunity to say hi to everyone as well :)
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Keep it carb baby. Eat lots of potatoes, rice, starches. They fill you up and you can base meals around them.

John McDougall among others promotes this diet - he has a book 'The starch solution'. You can also find him on youtube.
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Had a full day of vegan foods today and I feel full and happy. I love the taste of spices and herbs, especially cumin, if I flavour things the way I like I find that I'm not even really missing the meaty chunks.

Just made myself a Mexican stew/soup, God knows what it was but it was nice :) Oh I also just discovered chia and oat crisp breads... so tasty!

Thanks bratvada I'll have a look :)
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Day 3 and all is well :) I have bacon in the fridge still that I haven't been tempted to eat and have donated it to my roommate!

Never thought of putting walnuts in a salad before but I have the tastiest lunch for at work :)
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You'll notice that the longer you avoid eating meat/dairy the more it'll start to gross you out when you see and smell it... Well at least that happened with myself ;)

Enjoy your salad :D
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Yea I found that when I was vegetarian, I literally had to force myself to eat meat after a few beers to get around it when the time came :/
I've got to say I feel happier and healthier already, I don't know if it's placebo or not but I'll roll with it :)
Ooooh I will have to try that!

I went a bit cheap and bought Tesco's own brand Soy Mince instead of Quorn which I know I like and regretted that today... Worst part about it is I'm in work for 3 days straight (I sleep at work also so no time to make food between shifts) and I made food to last me the weekend with it...

Apart from that I'm still going strong! :D