The New Vegan


Jan 18, 2024
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For the New Vegan…….
Leaving a life, lifestyle, and culture of nonvegans can be and often is a daunting task that can be more than overwhelming—culture shock to say the least—yet one worth taking and making. The transition is less painful and smoother when you find support in the drastic changes you are coming from, and they are kindly aware of it and assist you through the transition to a far healthier passive way of life and living. As you learn, you will find out how much more hostile, violent, unhealthy, and costly the nonvegan way of life is and the large amount of misinformation about any subject out there, along with the extremists of all kinds. Supportive networks are more ideal because you won't encounter that you were wrong and need to be punished for it. We're glad you're making the changes too. Once one decides to make and learn about these changes, you need to be aware of them, and they become a deterrent for many and are often unfortunately encountered. That is why I strongly recommend finding a supportive network of non-extremist passives for learning and seeking out their workshops, networks, classes, and experiences. They are far more supportive and educational in assisting you in making the needed changes you are making, and they will be far more valuable and worthwhile with lifelong lasting effects. Your body isn't the only thing you don't want going into hypershock any more than your psyche and mental functions as you are working towards what many consider drastic changes.

Many of the workshops you may want to start while embarking on your journey are those that offer you experiences with education, from planting your food, harvesting, and preparing to utilizing building supplies from the plants too. A truly authentic vegan plant-based way of life is offered at They offer a variety of options, from volunteering for hands-on workshops to completely paying for accommodations like vactioning to start checking out the vegan way of living life if you are only considering it. Passively enjoying it and wanting to talk about the changes and vegan way of living with Lek and Greg and address any concerns or questions you may have from the very knowledgeable and gracious hosts, just be a good and decent person during your entire stay; they deserve nothing less, and you will certainly get more value from your experience there if you are, as with most places. You will most likely leave there wanting to embark on your own journey of having your own place and living much the way they are and wondering why you didn't sooner. Life certainly isn't ever going to be the same, nor are you probably going to view it the same way as you have before, in a very good way. They have a good to-do page that merits attention and skills you may already have and could put to good use, or you could embark on assisting to gain skills as you embark on your vegan journey that offer an enriching, rare opportunity to experience what it is to have a total vegan way of living.

Coming from a society and culture driven by animal-based products and shifting towards all plant-based life and living and why you should and want to is like starting on a journey of complete deprogramming of everything you ever heard, saw, and was taught from birth. The shocking realization that surely all that couldn’t be wrong is often a surprise shock of gladness that never seemed or felt right anyway, and that went completely against what I was sure was my good common sense. Yet the stark realization that they were outnumbered, being converted and forced to conform under constant pressure by those saying and showing differently as opposed to a vegan and passive way of life, causing constant confusion among all of them couldn't be wrong; it has to be my dilemma, right? Finding a good supportive network is most often an excitement of relief and gladness—not feeling like an ostracized outcast that doesn’t fit in any more and the relief of their internal turmoil easing. A good support network is usually happy to see the needed agreed changes and the eased relief look of aha, like they finally got GPS working and on the right path. I finally got top page ranking on Google search for what I was actually needing, which many have happened upon after much exasperation with misleading and misinformation frustrations. It has happened to many to finally find their way into transitioning towards a total vegan plant-based lifestyle that it is more than just a change in diet for most. May yours be a smooth and happy one.