1. S

    Excited to find this site!

    Hi friends, my name is Susie. I have been a vegan for a little over a year now. I was so excited to find this site so that I could have more conversations with like minded people about the perks and issues of my lifestyle. I could start by saying that I believe I also have IBS, or at least a...
  2. zillionwithyou

    Hi, im already familiar with veganism, but now got time to step into it!

    Well, im aware of animal cruelty, bizarre torture of animals in the name of LIFE CYCLE and killing billions of sentinent life beings just for the sake of taste buds... we are already being brainwashed by several ad agencies, social circle and by the advise given by ignorant people... to get rid...
  3. Soffiare

    Veganism and eating disorders

    Hi everyone! An aspiring vegan here. Like most of you I have tons of reasons to go vegan, I have done my research, read books, made meal plans and analized my options as a vegan. I have planned meals that give me all the nutrients and I have wrote a letter to my parents. There is one issue. I...
  4. G

    Question Conversation problems

    Hello, Bear with me on this its a long winded question. I am asking about how does one tackle conversational road blocks with someone when discussing ones diet. Im neither vegitarian or vegan but have been doing alot of research and i wouldnt mind giving either lifestyle a go. However some...
  5. Green.Wave

    19 yr old new vegan. tips for adequate iron/vitamins/calcium/healthy body wieght/etc.

    I purchased a b 12 high quality whole foods supplement. I need to get my d2 levels up so i bought d2 drops and d3 drops. I don't want my iron levels to go down. How to maintain a nutrient dense vegan diet? Any recommended foods? Supplements? Thanks
  6. M

    Survey Well, hello there! i'd love your feedback.

    Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle and I'm really excited to contribute and learn on this forum. I recently switched to full veganism after being extremely health and animal-conscious to begin with. (It was that darn What The Health documentary that tipped the scale.) I've run a fairly...
  7. Molly

    Simple recipes and a balanced diet?

    Hey guys! I'm new to veganism in that I have only just started eating entirely vegan a few days ago. I did however, cut out eating boiled/scrambled/fried/etc. eggs a long time ago, as well as drinking cows milk. I was still consuming dairy products as an ingredient in other foods though. This...
  8. V

    Question Newly vegan with sugar and flour restriction diet

    Hi, I am a new vegan, and have been going for about 6 weeks now. I am also on a sugar and flour restriction diet to loose weight but I think that it is not enough food to keep up all the necessary nutrients etc. The diet includes the following : BREAKFAST 1 cup protein 1 fruit 1 dairy (which I...
  9. Dovahkitty99

    Inheriting a leather suitcase

    Hello Everyone! so I've been vegetarian for over a year and vegan for 3 months. I am taking a gap year to go travelling and my grandfather (aged 90) wants to pass on his LEATHER suitcase that he has had his whole life, it's been taken all around the world and is very attractive/vintage. Is it...
  10. D


    :kissing_heart::heart::) Hello, vegan babies ^-^ its nice to meet you all, i've been vegan for almost a month now :blush: I wanted a place where I can talk to other vegans because sometimes the pressure of talking to people who dont agree with your lifestyle can be draining and saddening. I also...
  11. L

    Newbie support

    Hi all, I've been vegan now for just over 2 weeks, prior to this I was vegetarian for just over a month. Following becoming vegan I have been feeling really sick on and off pretty much the whole time. I've been tracking what I'm eating to make sure I'm getting all the right things and taking a...
  12. searching4peace

    Hoping for a healthier lifestyle

    Hi everyone. I am a 23 year old girl. I am from the USA. I want to become a lacto ovo vegetarian. I want to be vegetarian because I want to be healthier and more active. I have depression and anxiety. I think changing my diet will help with that. I plan to start doing hula hooping. It's seems so...
  13. T

    My Parents Don't Support Veganism

  14. ty brant

    New to Vegan

    Hi all I'm new to this forum and like most new to veganism. I have been a meat eater all my life and for the past 4 years I have turned to about 80% veg/fruit and 20% meat. I went to see an allergies and nutritionist specialist because my health wasn't the best and I noticed a change in my...
  15. A

    Weight loss while vegan?

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie on here and have a few questions regarding weight loss. Currently, I have lost around 6st or 86lbs from a calories restricted diet, but I still have a significant amount of weight to lose. I've done plenty of research about what sort of foods I should be eating, however I...
  16. Daria Stokes


    Hi everyone!! First off, hope everyone is having a fabulous carbed up vegan day and you're all enjoying whatever you're doing :) Anywaaaaay... I'm here to say that I've made a Youtube channel recently! Basically it's just me talking about how I'm finding the vegan diet and what sort of sub...
  17. S

    Confused about Dominos

    So after a lot of deliberation and lots of putting it off, I finally decided to go from veggie to vegan yesterday! Anyway I'm just a bit confused about Dominos. I'd read/heard that you can simply order a cheese less pizza with just sauce and veg and it'd be vegan. However, I've just been on...
  18. ilovehummus

    New Member - Vegan Teen

    Hello! My name is Sunna. I'm seventeen from Norway. I'm an Upper Sec. student and thriving on the Vegan lifestyle. Since I am a student, I'd love to talk to other vegans who have a busy schedule and often pack their food in advance. It doesn't matter if you're in my age group or not, I am happy...
  19. D

    Vegetarian > Omnivore > Vegan

    I practiced vegetarianism for 4 or 5 years and had no problems with the lifestyle at all but due to personal problems I had to move back in with my parents who simply could not afford to pay for vegetarian and omnivorous diets and I was out of work at the time so I either ate meat or starved. I...
  20. R

    Hi :)

    Hello everyone :) I'm Rachael, I'm 25 and I'm from Newcastle, UK. I've been vegan for a year but only just discovered this forum!