Daria Stokes

May 6, 2016
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Hi everyone!!

First off, hope everyone is having a fabulous carbed up vegan day and you're all enjoying whatever you're doing :)

Anywaaaaay... I'm here to say that I've made a Youtube channel recently! Basically it's just me talking about how I'm finding the vegan diet and what sort of sub lifestyles I have decided to take, plus lots of tips and tricks to make the transition better for complete newbies! ( Remember I was one at one point so I COMPLETELY understand how hard it is to transition from meat eating.. I digress).
I would LOVE it if yall could check out my channel and maybe leave a few comments and likes on any of my videos. I would appreciate any criticisms or tips on how to improve my channel and get my points across better.


thank you so much for taking the time to read this!! and even more if you've actually checked it out!!

Sending all my love and positive energy to all of you flowers <3 <3
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Nice video - it's always interesting to see what other vegans eat. I'd suggest maybe speeding up some parts a bit more, as it's quite a long video for what it is - although other people might feel differently :)

Would you like to check out my first YouTube video, recently posted? It's just a quick one showing how to make vegan cake from a Betty Crocker mix.