1. The Vegan Dispatch

    US 11 Answers to Common Vegan Questions

    As more people around the world are embracing a vegan lifestyle, it's natural for questions and concerns to arise. In this article, we'll address some of the most common questions about veganism to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the choices and beliefs behind this ethical and...
  2. patrick_r

    Survey on Veganism & Investment

    Hello guys! I hope this message finds you well. My name is Patrick, and I'm a fellow member of the vegan community and a student currently conducting research on veganism and investment. I'm reaching out to ask if you would be willing to participate in a brief survey I've created. It focuses...
  3. T

    Product Vegan Skincare

    Hey dear vegans :) I spend over a year creating this vegan skincare guide.. Now, I would like to ask your feedback! What are your favorite vegan skincare brands? How about products? I aimed to cover each product category: vegan moisturizers, creams, oils etc.. for different skin types: oily...
  4. E

    A Study!

    Hi! If you are vegan, I would gratefully appreciate if you would take part in my study for my undergrad psychology dissertation. I am looking at the relationship between veganism, and eating behaviours and attitudes. Thank you in advance! Ellie...
  5. D

    Veganism and Carbon Footprint Questionnaire

    Hey vegan friends! I am in the final year of my degree studying BSc Animal Conservation and Biodiversity. For my honours project I am doing a questionnaire about veganism and carbon footprints. If you would like to take part I would greatly appreciate it! Should take 5 mins, thank you :) Here is...
  6. PsychstudentLex

    Help needed for research

    Hi guys, I’m part of a team of psychology students, we are looking to scientifically understand how dietary choices and social attitudes are related. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare no longer than 10 minutes of your time to fill out a short survey by clicking the link...
  7. D

    Houseplants and pest management

    Houseplants are decorative and make humans happy just by existing. Personally, I have a huge passion for them. However, plants are part of nature and there is always a possibility that you get something more than what you paid for. As for me, if I'd want to work in a houseplant store, I'd have...
  8. Habiba

    Investigating the relationship between diet type & mood.

    Hi everyone, I'm a current final year psychology undergraduate student working on my dissertation project. I would be very grateful if you could help me by participating in my study exploring the relationship between diet type and mood. Your participation will take a few minutes of your time...
  9. R

    Veganism and Wildlife Conservation

    Hello, It will be my dad’s birthday in November. I would like to work on getting my family to go vegan. He is an avid birdwatcher so, to meet him where he’s at, I thought I could try getting him a book or film/programme that combines veganism with bird/wildlife conservation. I’d rather be able...
  10. Ninaswedish

    Animal-eater is being mean on youtube

    Hello! This is my first visit on this website and I hope to find new friends here! <3 I have a problem. I spread compassion for animals in the comment section on a youtube clip ... MiOCB5U91B. An animal-eater started to attack me and now she won't stop...
  11. VegandyCandy

    UK Vegandy Candy

    Hello everyone (I am joining this forum on behalf of my daughter...) My name is Yusra, I am 11 years old and in my final year of primary school. I will me launching my Candy store (with help from dad) next week. We will be Upcycling jars for packaging and also be donating 25% of total...
  12. S

    Veganism has to be reconsidered

    Veganism has to be reconsidered - for ethical, environmental and health considerations Over the last years, veganism has seen a steady increase in popularity. From Netflix documentaries to celebrities to everyday people that are concerned about their environmental footprint or want to overcome...
  13. E

    Veganism and Hearing Questionnaire

    Hello! My name is Emily and I am a Psychology Student at Lancaster University. I would really appreciate it if you could take part in my questionnaire on veganism and hearing for my dissertation. It will take approximately 7-8 minutes and is completely anonymous. Further details are in the...
  14. Second Summer

    Ethical veganism is philosophical belief- Equality Act 2010

    Full article: (3. Jan. 2020) The ruling is part of a case Jordi Casamitjana has brought against his former employer League Against Cruel Sports after he was sacked. The judge has yet to rule on his actual dismissal.
  15. QualityGains

    Hello fellow vegans

    Hi fellow vegans. :) I just joined today and would like to introduce myself. My name is Florian and I am: Originally from beautiful Switzerland (currently Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) :) 4+ years vegan (transitioned from a heavy meat eater (ethical reasons) + my grandparents were hunters, yep...
  16. Second Summer

    Judge: Vegetarians can't be victims of discrimination

    More: (13. Sept. 2019)
  17. R

    Is it true that being vegan actually saves animals?

    Hi ?, Does being vegan actually save animals or does it just not support the slaughtering? Do the animals still get slaughtered anyway? Thanks.
  18. sbeast

    Carnism and Pinocchio - Parallels and Lessons

    Introduction I recently watched Pinocchio, and couldn’t help but notice some parallels to carnism and veganism. For those who haven’t seen the film, there is a scene where Pinocchio and a group of boys are taken to ‘Pleasure Island’ by a character called The Coachman. On this island they engage...
  19. R

    What can I do to stop overeating?

    Hi ?, I’m a young adult ??female who is Autistic. I’m on Olanzapine and Pregablin for anxiety. I’m also mainly vegan. My overeating, which was brought on by the medication, is out of hand. I pig out about 60% of nights. It’s gotten very severe. I’m putting on weight. I need to lose weight. I do...
  20. Anonymous Name

    The threat of enviromental damage

    Is the real cause for our damage here on earth due to our destruction on animals? Fossil fuels? Pollution? Not recycling when we should? Or is there another underlying theme that we are ignoring? Or maybe not giving it much attention. Not preaching against veganism or anything like that but is...