Hi, im already familiar with veganism, but now got time to step into it!

I want more exposure of people regarding vegan based breakfast and lunch, ALSO HEALTHY


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Aug 8, 2018
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Well, im aware of animal cruelty, bizarre torture of animals in the name of LIFE CYCLE and killing billions of sentinent life beings just for the sake of taste buds...

we are already being brainwashed by several ad agencies, social circle and by the advise given by ignorant people... to get rid of ignorance and fundamental needs of our so called civilized society... we must improve, to get educated, and create standards and policies of our own depending on the wisdom of learning...

so i got to the veganism by the psychologist, youtube motivational speaker Infinite Waters, who ive been following for days, i think that he has a potential on dealing with people`s day ti day struggle like stress and dissatisfaction.

so with being said, i was a vegeterian and obviously used to drink milk, and eat eggs. for a longer period of time i thought milk was the only vital source of protien and calcium... now i come out of that illusion.

i can either go to legumes, soy beans and wheat based recipies for more than enough quantity of protien and calcium
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Emma JC

Jun 15, 2017
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i can either go to legumes, soy beans and wheat based recipies for more than enough quantity of protien and calcium
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your life enhancing decisions!

One thing that is rarely talked about is that people do not die from a 'protein deficiency'. I am not talking about anyone that is 'starving' for lack of any food. So focusing in on "where do I get my protein" isn't necessary as eating a whole food plant-based balanced diet will give you all the protein and calcium that you need. Excess protein is more of a challenge for Standard American Diet eaters than a lack of protein is for vegans.

Dr Michael Greger has a great Daily Dozen app that will help you to stay on track.

Emma JC
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