New vegan is so bloated..


Aug 17, 2018
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Hi Everyone,

my name is Lena and im just new to this forum.. and just new to veganism!
(I hope that my english is good enough, im from The Netherlands)
(I always accidentally write butt in stead of but).

I just started being a vegan 3/4 weeks ago, before that I was an vegetarian (but I sometimes ate fish, so actually an pescatarian). I watched some good documentaries en read some books and im really passionate about being an vegan. I love animals, want to do something for the enviremont en hoped that it maybe will help my bloating/bowel problems. The first days i was kind of bloated after the vegetable-loaded-meals but this disappeared after 3/5 days and I felt so good (like.. going to toilet was going so well..).

Then after 2 weeks I went to Sziget, a music festival, for 7 days. I could eat pretty well their, there was lots of vegan junk food (so it weren't meals with al lot of vegetables). When i got home (1 week ago) i returned to my 'lots of vegetables veganism' and something in my belly seems to have changed since then..

I am so bloated.
Like so so so bloated.
It looks like i'm pregnant.
And it doesn't feel good.

Will it fade away with time?
Am I doing something wrong?
Is this normal for a new vegan?
Do I eat to much?

Normally the bloating will be gone in the morning, but now I wake up with it..
Its very unpleasant.

Please.. help? (tips/experiences)
Hello lenaplant, and welcome to the forum.

Bloating is pretty common when first starting a vegan lifestyle.

Here's a couple videos you might find helpful.

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Sometimes it may take some time for your gut bacteria to adjust. In some cases up to 6 months. It may help to cook more vegetables than raw. In the US we have an over the counter medication that can help with the active ingredient of simethicone will help tremendously. Finally, if you have been eating a lot of beans maybe eat more lentils at first as these are more easily digested than legumes such as black beans which are high in resistant starch. Hope that helps and keep up the good work!
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