1. srehn

    Would anyone like to help me out?

    Hello there! My name is Sofia Rehn. I am a student at Arizona State University and I am writing a paper on a community of people. My goal is to share a different outlook on the vegan community rather than what people see as the "surface-level" identity. With that being said, it is essential for...
  2. L

    New vegan is so bloated..

    Hi Everyone, my name is Lena and im just new to this forum.. and just new to veganism! (I hope that my english is good enough, im from The Netherlands) (I always accidentally write butt in stead of but). I just started being a vegan 3/4 weeks ago, before that I was an vegetarian (but I...
  3. M

    Hello from germany

    Hello there! My name is Martha and I am a school student from Berlin, Germany. I started to think about my diet and lifestyle in May 2017. I first cut out milk and dairy products, then meat. Since the beginning of this year I eat fully vegan and I try to live vegan as well. I already helped a...