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Mar 16, 2017
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I've only been vegan for about a week and a half. I'm on break right now, so have been at home with my parents and staying with grandparents. It's hard with this new lifestyle because they don't know how to feed me. The past couple days I probably haven't been eating entirely enough, but that should be different by tomorrow. I've gone to bed hungry, but I expected that the first couple weeks while getting used to my new eating habits, but what I didn't expect is almost every night and every morning I have a little bit of stomach pain and am somewhat bloated. I've gone to bed like this and woken up like this. I've felt fine during the day so I'm not sure what's happening, if it's even related. If anyone has experience with this please let me know!
Hi Welcome to the forum.

I think sometimes during the transition, we take on extra fibre and this can lead to bloating.
Pain and bloating can occur from either excessive intake of fiber or from simply not eating enough - you could be gassy from going to bed hungry.

It sounds to me like you're an adult in college "at home on break" so why not assert that adult independence instead of expecting them to know "how to feed you"? I don't mean that in a nasty way, I just mean you have money? A part-time job? An allowance they give you for spending? If so, pop over to the shops and pick out your own food. I started buying some of my own food in high school because I had a part time job, and sometimes wanted vegetarian foods or healthier food than what was at home.

Another option: food banks. Don't tell them you're staying with family, just let it be known that you're a college student who is hungry (which is the truth)...many food banks have plentiful vegan basics such as beans, rice, soup, potatoes, canned fruits ans vegetables, peanut butter and some breads or crackers. I don't know where you live, but in California most of the food banks offer fresh produce as well, and if you're the first or second vegan of the day, you might luck out and obtain some plant-based milk they have stashed in a back cupboard for special requests, or stumble upon an offering of vegan faux meats or cheeses (yes I actually saw the second thing once, the first is more common).

Search around the house, see if you can find oatmeal, peanut butter, oils vinegars and spices for cooking, pasta and marinara sauce, corn flakes, canned vegetables and beans, nuts, a boxed mix of red beans and rice, 0r plain pop-tarts (unfrosted fruit flavors). Sometimes parents and grandparents harbor vegan staples in their pantries because those basics are cheap, flexible and familiar. There's some really bizarre "accidentally vegan" products out there, ranging from Jewish Kosher "chicken" cup of noodles (the Tradition brand is completely vegetarian) to regular old bagels to Pillsbury Crescent rolls.

Good luck!
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I didn't know you can be gassy from not eating enough. How does that happen? i'm curious.
I didn't know you can be gassy from not eating enough. How does that happen? i'm curious.

Malnutrition is associated with gassiness and bloating. That is why you see distended stomachs in people who are literally dying of hunger.

There is a segment of the population though, some people with digestive issues, who experience gassiness even by just missing meals. It might not happen to you, but it's a known digestive complaint that some people get gas from common and non-life-threatening hunger, sometimes they have IBS or gluten sensitivity or other digestive problems to begin with.

Apparently some people even have to take some kind of anti-gas or antacid meds before they can eat again.
I never heard or that b4. I heard of malnutrition bloat because of lack of protein which causes edema.
I know about severe gas from ibs since I have that severe unfortunately and no drugs or supplements will help me.:pensive:
Thanks. Life sucks. I get less bloating only if I eat less and drink less water. I think I'm going to try acupuncture. Maybe that will help. I'm like desperate.Wish I wasn't born.:weary_face:
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