Apr 30, 2023
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Which vegetarian/vegan burger tastes the most like real beef?
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I'm not sure. I have only had a few.
Also I tend to rate them on which one tastes best to me. Not necessarily which one tastes like real cow.

My best understanding is Impossible Vs Beyond.
When I've bought Impossible at a restaurant it tends to be too salty for me. I've never had a Beyond at a restaurant but I've made them at home and liked them.
I don't remember what "real beef" tastes like but my omni friends who have tried the Impossible Whopper say it is pretty good. I prefer Beyond Burgers which I fix at home. Those 2 brands are best from what I have heard. You can buy Impossible products at the grocery store too.
You're the flexitarian, you tell me! :shrug:
I'm guessing it's the newest version of Beyond Beef burgers
Which vegetarian/vegan burger tastes the most like real beef?
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