1. M

    Book of Guilt-Free Desserts

    Your Guide to Better Baking it amazing book Just imagine biting into a luxuriously rich, sweet chocolate cake that (serving for serving) provides more fiber than whole grain cereal, more protein than chicken, less sugar than an apple and fewer calories than a serving of yogurt You can take this...
  2. R

    What can I do to stop overeating?

    Hi ?, I’m a young adult ??female who is Autistic. I’m on Olanzapine and Pregablin for anxiety. I’m also mainly vegan. My overeating, which was brought on by the medication, is out of hand. I pig out about 60% of nights. It’s gotten very severe. I’m putting on weight. I need to lose weight. I do...
  3. B

    Your thoughts on alternatives?

    I would like to know your personal thoughts and feelings toward vegan alternatives. (Vegan Food Alternatives) Alternatives Like or similiar to: Plant-based milk Plant-based Milk products: Cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, etc. Plant-based proteins: tofu, boca (veggie chickn patties)...
  4. chickendminus

    What are your thoughts on impossible/beyond meat burgers?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering what your thoughts were on impossible/beyond meat burgers. Do you enjoy fake meat? Do you like or dislike these specific products? Do you have a problem with any of the ingredients? Prefer one over the other? I personally am a big fan of how they taste, however I...
  5. C

    Is it reasonable to expect restaurants to serve both vegan and non-vegan options?

    Hi all. I was just wondering if its really reasonable to expect restaurants to serve both vegan and non-vegan food options. Would the "contamination" risk (e.g. foods touching each other) be too high? Is the food truly vegan if its served and prepared alongside non-vegan foods? As a vegan, is...
  6. J

    Non-fortified nutritional yeast in u.k?

    Hello! I'm based in the U.K and wondered if anyone knows of any place online that sells non-fortified Nutritional Yeast!?... Everywhere I look it seems to be fortified. I found one non-fortified brand but they're no longer in production it seems... (The fortified brands contain a fairly high...
  7. Robin

    Comfort foods

    Most the people I know think us vegans don't get to have those so awesome comfort foods but I have them all the time vegan style. Last night for dinner I made vegan Tomato soup with grilled vegan cheese sandwich. It took me less than 15 min. too cook and enjoyed every single bite. I do vegan...
  8. Queen of Strawberries

    Lysine in lentil pasta?

    Does lentil pasta have lysine in it? Cronometer says it doesn't and I can't fin anything online. I would think that is does since the only ingredient in the pasta is red lentil flour. (FYI: I'm using Barilla Red Lentil pasta) Thanks in advance.
  9. Blake

    Vegan confectionary??

    Hi All, I'm currently in the process of designing my own homemade vegan confectionary line starting with lollipops. They will not contain any animal products what so ever. Would this be of interest to anyone on here? Also what are your opinions on caster sugar? I have done a lot of digging and...
  10. Jiminy's

    Vegan burgers - help required!

    Hi! I'm looking to create a food product that primarily comes from sustainable sources. So far I’ve been following basic vegan burger recipes online, I’m not a vegan or veggie myself and this is the first time I’ve attempted to cook without the use of animal products! I’m in desperate need of...
  11. Oatmeal32

    My breakfasts, lunches, and dinner pics and recipes:

    Hello Fellow Veggies! For those interested, here are a few of the meals that I have been eating on a vegan whole food-plant based diet. I'm 7 days in to being vegan! So I am always researching and looking for more recipes as well. All of these are my own creations and recipes and my hubby...
  12. S

    6 days into veganism

    Hi all, I'm new here, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Steve, 28 from Hertfordshire, UK. Ive been vegan for 6 days now after having countless discussions with various friends. I already feel lighter and healthier. Turning vegan has not only made me feel healthier, but it has relit my love...
  13. N

    Lost the will to eat (properly)

    Hi all, I guess my problem isn't specifically a vegan one, so sorry if it's wrong to post here, but I know the answers I'm going to get elsewhere will involve eating meat & dairy, and I just don't have the energy to deal with that right now. Basically, I'm usually a pretty healthy person - I...
  14. Queen of Strawberries

    Is sugar free jello pudding vegan?

    Pretty much what the title says. I can't (for medical reasons) eat regular sugar so i love finding sugar free vegan stuff that's kinda like ice cream. I love the taste of the sugar free jello puddings but i'm wondering if they're vegan, Here are the ingredients for the vanilla pudding...
  15. Queen of Strawberries

    Is agave nectar healthy?

    So sorry if this is the wrong form but I'd like to know if agave nectar is healthy? I can't eat maple syrup because I have a fructose intolerance and it makes me sick if I have maple syrup. BUT I've heard that agave nectar is terrible for one's health so I'm not sure what to do.
  16. Queen of Strawberries

    Deal with parents over veganism????

    I use to have anorexia and now my parents are super sensitive about my eating and food choices. When I announced my intention to go vegan my parents threw a fit and said (I do quote) "No. Not happening." I feel very strongly that humans have no right to kill animals - we wouldn't want it done to...
  17. Patricia jackson

    This easy, flavorful coconut chickpea curry is ready in no time and packed with flavor! now with a r

    A classic easy coconut curry with chickpeas, inspired by Indian flavors. This garbanzo bean curry skips the complicated steps but doesn't skimp on flavor! Naturally vegan and gluten-free. Also free of grains, soy, and nuts. Course curry, dinner, Main Course Cuisine dairy-free, gluten-free...
  18. U treatment of lifestyle diseases(through medical nutrition therapy)

    Using food as medicine to reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. What do you think, is it possible?
  19. J

    Newbie vegan here.

    Hello i'm a newbie vegan. Im so glad that i found this website as it can be quite daunting and almost lonely when nobody around you in going vegan too. Nevertheless, I am super happy with my decision to go vegan! The reason for me posting is this, although in the beginning I started feeling...
  20. Forest Nymph

    Vegan grocery haul!

    Flour tortillas Real Mexican corn chips Chipotle salsa 1 lb dry pintos 1 lb dry lentils Taco seasoning Diced green chiles Canned sliced mushrooms Artichoke and mushroom marinara Large macaroni, dry Small macaroni 5 lb. Bag potatoes Canola oil Large yellow onion Green pepper Fresh tomato Natural...