1. Anonymous Name

    Too much fiber?

    Whenever going on cronometer just putting in different things I would always find that there was a lot of fiber like an extremely high amount. This video is one that actually addresses this topic The one thing that sets me off about this video is that Vegan Physique suggests to eat less whole...
  2. Rita Beathard

    Vegan raising special needs child

    I have been a Vegan for almost 3 years now. I love my lifestyle and want to share it with everyone especially my family. My father has been a vegetarian for over a year because it's better for his obesity and diabetes (I'm so happy he is a vegetarian now he has been hunting and trapping from a...
  3. AVJ

    Scoop on poop?!

    Hi guys, So I know there are MANY questions about the poop of a vegan, but none seem to answer my questions. I've been a vegan for just over a year now & my "movements" are still sh!t (pardon the pun) My stools are soo loose & sometimes resemble diarrhoea. None of these issues occurred when I...