Too much fiber?

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Jan 26, 2019
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Whenever going on cronometer just putting in different things I would always find that there was a lot of fiber like an extremely high amount. This video is one that actually addresses this topic

The one thing that sets me off about this video is that Vegan Physique suggests to eat less whole grains(understandable), eat white rice over brown rice, eat white pasta over whole wheat pasta, and the one that really makes this questionable most of all is to avoid raw foods. All for the sake of making sure your not getting too much fiber. Any thoughts? Let’s discuss
Maybe that is good advice for some people. But I don't think that is good advice for most people.
I just checked some of my Cronometer results and my fiber averages in the high 30s. And from what I understand that is a good amount.
I do think I am not "average". My calorie consumption averages around 1600. I know of some vegans who are athletes consume almost twice the amount of food I do. So they would be getting something like 80 or so. So maybe if your calorie intake is very high you might need to moderate fiber.
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I find it interesting, and I agree with the 'cook your vegetables' recommendation. I have found that raw broccoli, for example is very hard on me and I love broccoli so now I cook it always. We do eat a lot of white rice and white pasta with whole grain pastas once every couple of weeks. I try to make sure our beans and lentils are very well cooked and I will not give up my whole grain sprouted breads. Chewing your food well is also so important as it breaks down the fibre and also makes the nutrients more bioavailable and the mouth starts the digestion process.

Emma JC
Unless there is an underlying problem (an option to consider if you have been vegan a while), then bloating and excessive gas is typically a newbie vegan problem. Most of the time the body adjusts (given one is consistent and not cheating) and this adjustment in general will differ between persons of differing dietary backgrounds/habits.

From your perspective as a new vegan, I would say that listening to this guy is not going to benefit you in the short or long term. The things he suggests may be ‘ok’ for a longer term vegan on a short term basis, but they are not ok otherwise. Eating excessive white rice, white noodles, white bread and other highly processed foodstuffs are typically going to leave one hungry, for two reasons – a) they are low in fiber, and b) they are low in nutrients like natural minerals and vitamins.

I made the mistake of including too many stripped and otherwise low fiber food stuffs when I was a new vegan and I found that I was super hungry. Honestly, if you’re new, I’d be going with foods that you are sure you’ll get enough nutrients from as well as enough fiber to start switching your microbiome over and making sure you aren’t hungry. If you are doing lots of exercise and need more calories - there is always the option of including more fats like peanut butter, tahini, flax etc.

After you know you can do it, get enough calories and feel satisfied, then you can play around with it in different ways to achieve different body images if that’s important to you. That way you can always go back to what you know works.
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I find no difference for myself if I have cooked or raw veg. The gas is brutal either way.