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Dec 15, 2021
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Miami - London
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Hey everyone! I'm developing a free app to help people switch to veganism easier and stick to it.
Research showed that roughly 80% of people who tried it changed back in 3-12 months. I'm trying to solve this problem by:
- providing support, knowledge, and skills to adapt a vegan diet, including a nutritional guide (protein intake, essential vitamins).
- remove the perceived lack of variety on a vegan diet.
- help people transition to a fully vegan diet slowly or eat vegan several times a week.

The app will include the following features:
  1. A day-to-day guide on the food they should eat. The idea is to wrap it up in a challenge/path so users are motivated to complete it.
  2. Recommendations on vegan products (top meat replacements, plant-based milk, etc.)
  3. Tips and tricks on health, looking at meat differently and keeping yourself on track.

I need people who are not vegan yet or newly vegans who can answer some of the questions to validate my app idea.
1) Would you be interested in using an app with a day-to-day walkthrough on how to turn vegan?
2) Are you comfortable in paying for using such an app? (premium plan is still in progress). Share your thoughts on what features are worth paying for in your opinion.

P.s. there are other apps out there that solve a similar problem. However, they are not complete, and their UI is terrible for everyday use. So I want to build a high-quality app with a great, easy-to-use UX flow, so people enjoy using it.

Please reach out to me, whoever is interested in conducting a user interview! It can be anyone interested in using this app in the future or anyone who thinks it's not a good idea and can share why.
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