1. R

    Recruiting Participants

    Hi! I'm currently recruiting participants who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet to participate in my online study 'The Role of Personality on Dietary Habits' for my psychology thesis at the University of Aberdeen. You'll be asked to complete an online questionnaire via Google Forms that should...
  2. A

    Towards a sustainable future

    If you live in the UK and have a spare 5 minutes, please could you fill out this survey about plant-based diets. Online Form Builder | Free Online Survey Tool Thank you.
  3. A

    Becoming Vegan

    I've wanted to become vegan for about 3-4 years now, but I've always been told by my parents, for as long as I live in their house, it won't be an option. They said they will not cook me any special meals or buy me special food because I'm "not special" I've offered to pay for my own food...
  4. N

    Grilled Watermelon

    Grilled watermelon treated like a vegetable with savoury seasonings is delicious. Most of the water cooks out, leaving behind a tasty little "steak" with wonderful texture. You can broil it too; just make sure the juices can drain free (not onto your oven floor) so it doesn't steam. Serve this...
  5. Daniel2022

    What struggles do you face with your plant-based diet?

    Hello everyone! After much deliberation, I've finally decided try the plant-based lifestyle. The decision has been an exciting one and somewhat overwhelming. It has also inspired me to perform a research project for class to determine some common struggles new pescatarians/vegetarians/vegans...
  6. I

    US Survey plant-based dairy alternatives (5 minutes)

    Dear sir/madam, I am Isa van Eldijk, 22 years old and I am currently in the final year of the International Business study at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. I am conducting research about the fact that DSM is already active in the USA with ingredients for...
  7. Kris

    Newly vegans or non-vegans! 😍 🙌

    Hey everyone! I'm developing a free app to help people switch to veganism easier and stick to it. Research showed that roughly 80% of people who tried it changed back in 3-12 months. I'm trying to solve this problem by: - providing support, knowledge, and skills to adapt a vegan diet, including...
  8. Y

    Get inspired my yummies

    Hello, my loves I hope you are all doing great. Today I take this chance to introduce myself and my work. We are a new Website with awesome and vegan/vegetarian Recipes. I hope you are all ready for this journey and are going to join our lovely veggie Family. My biggest wish is to inspire as...
  9. hanane Biobeldi

    Hi I'm Chef Hanane Biobeldi Restaurant

    I'm chef Hanane who is considered by many as the best chef in her région when it comes to organic and vegan dishes. After completing my culinary arts studies in Moroccan and Berber kitchen, i were offered an opportunity to be a chef in a famous hôtel in Agadir. However, since my mother got ill...
  10. animalluver274

    Amy's Kitchen-Survey

    (in much need of participants) Hello! I am currently conducting a survey on Amy's Kitchen's communications for my pr research class, and I am in dire need of some participants to take it. This survey will take 5 minutes or less. I am not affiliated with Amy's Kitchen this is solely for class...
  11. VegandyCandy

    UK Vegandy Candy

    Hello everyone (I am joining this forum on behalf of my daughter...) My name is Yusra, I am 11 years old and in my final year of primary school. I will me launching my Candy store (with help from dad) next week. We will be Upcycling jars for packaging and also be donating 25% of total...
  12. Mycovation

    Survey-Building mycelium-based protein products

    Hello! I am a food scientist and am working on harnessing the amazing power of mycelium to build some of the tastiest, healthiest vegan protein alternatives for a new set of products. We are looking to build ready-to-eat products for the busy vegans and vegetarians who love Asian cuisine. The...
  13. N


    Looking for a cookery-book that would contain 2 versions of each recipe, one of which would be suitable for vegetarians and the other one would have meat in it. Any ideas?
  14. R

    Service Vegan App being developed! Apply here.

    I am currently developing an app to help increase visibility of vegan/vegetarian restaurants and catering services in your local area. Anyone is free to fill out the questionnaire below to see if you fit the user type I am looking to test. Make sure to put your email in the form so I can reach...
  15. S

    US Cravings?

    Ive been a vegetarian for several years now, but lately I've been having really bad cravings for specific foods (many of which aren't vegetarian). Most of them don't really have anything my body could be deficient on (my worst one is cereal marshmallows). I've tried different tips to get rid of...
  16. M

    Advice for transitioning vegan & food suggestions

    Hello, I am a vegan newbie and I have just started on Monday. If anyone has valuable advice to keep them motivated to eat their veggies please let me know by contacting me on snap chat: here_magkally Thank you so much, Maggie
  17. A

    US I'm beginner vegetarian.

    Hello, I think to be vegetarian. I ask you for help. I like cooking, it's such a hobby. In addition, I like delicious dishes (probably like all of us). But I have a problem, it's a problem of finding recipes for vegetarians. Have you also encountered such a problem as finding the right dish...
  18. Jamie Oliver TV Show

    New Jamie Oliver TV Show-Casting

    Hi everyone, Just spreading the news that Jamie Oliver is currently casting for a new TV show. It's aimed at those who currently rely on takeaway food, but would love to get into cooking. If you're interested, feel free to apply via this link: Good luck!
  19. aakashpradhan

    Advice requested for making transition

    Hi everyone, I am 34 years old and I have been a vegetarian most of my life. I started eating non-veg food 10 years ago. If I do not eat meat for a while, I don't feel fulfilled from within. But again eating meat also makes me feel heavy and lethargic. Usually, I take 2 non-veg meals a week...
  20. C

    Best kitchen tools for the vegan restaurant

    I plan to start a new restaurant business in the vegan style. The menu is not too wide. Could I get some advice on what kitchen tools are better? And what is necessary to take?