Hi I'm Chef Hanane Biobeldi Restaurant

hanane Biobeldi

Apr 15, 2021
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Tafraoute, Morocco
  1. Vegan
I'm chef Hanane who is considered by many as the best chef in her région when it comes to organic and vegan dishes.

After completing my culinary arts studies in Moroccan and Berber kitchen, i were offered an opportunity to be a chef in a famous hôtel in Agadir. However, since my mother got ill, i decided to stay and care for her instead, a few months later Yassine who was looking to Start a new restaurant heard about me and after tasting a few dishes that i prepared for him he instantly asked me to become the chef for his restaurant Bio Beldi, Yassine’s invitation was to me as a message from God to unlock my cooking potential.

Once the restaurant was opened, i introduced me to a very experienced chef in traditional Moroccan organic and vegan cooking, during the two years i spent as his understudy, i were able to soak up all his expertise and perfect my cooking talents to a level that the restaurant was ranked by TripAdvisor as the number 1 vegan restaurant in all of the région of Sous Massa of Morocco. One of the best dishes that i perfect is the Moroccan vegan Couscous.

Hey I can teach anyone the easiest way to cook the best Moroccan Vegan Couscous: