1. R

    What’s the worst anti-vegan internet/real-life troll

    What’s the worst anti-vegan internet/real-life troll you have ever come across? Please, let’s just have a good laugh here.
  2. Kris

    Newly vegans or non-vegans! 😍 🙌

    Hey everyone! I'm developing a free app to help people switch to veganism easier and stick to it. Research showed that roughly 80% of people who tried it changed back in 3-12 months. I'm trying to solve this problem by: - providing support, knowledge, and skills to adapt a vegan diet, including...
  3. C

    Handling non-vegan gifts from family

    My aunt gave me a few non-vegan xmas presents. She lives far away and I don't see her often. She's very nice and we get along, but because we haven't spent much time together, we aren't close. She comes from another country from me where vegans aren't very common. I was vegetarian for years...
  4. L

    Vegan cookbooks for non-vegans?

    Christmas is around the corner, and I am looking for a good covert vegan cookbook for a gift for my mother. Any suggestions?
  5. Candela

    Is non-dairy coffee creamer really non-dairy?

    I was looking at the label on the coffee creamer we use at home here in order to see if it was okay for my mother to have. She has to follow a low-fat diet because she has gastrointestinal problems and had her gallbladder removed a while ago. Anyway, I happened to look at the ingredients and to...
  6. love&kale

    Is dating a vegan the best way forward?

    I was not a vegan when I first started dating my ex. I have now, of course, transitioned to the Vegan life and kept it up with no regrets.:D Thinking about how I feel now, I'm not sure I could ever date a non-vegan. Another thing that makes me think this way is that I now work for a Vegan...
  7. M

    Huge fight with non-vegan bf?

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum and could use some advice. So my bf and I have been together almost a year and friends before that for two years. We have a great relationship and he treats me really well. The thing is he isn't vegan and I am. Tonight we watched around half of the earthlings...
  8. Second Summer

    Non-vegan clementines

    I thought fruit would be vegan. FAIL! "Treated with Imazalil, Wax (E904, E914)".