1. Ydobon777

    EU Parents not letting me be Vegan anymore

    Hey everyone. I've been trying to gather help from different social media, I am desperate for help and the saving of animals ! My ( complicated ) situation is the following ; I'm living with my ex-Plant-Based family, I can't move out because I am disabled and other personal things, I have no...
  2. Leonietnzr

    Vegan Student needs help for research

    Hiya! My name is Leonie and I am a 3rd year student at the University of Greenwich. I am currently doing my dissertation on "how veganism is influencing travel behaviour". I am looking for people who would like to take part in an online interview about that. If you are interested or know...
  3. Oblachnii

    Course research project help needed(small survey).

    (in need of respondents) Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. I am doing this short survey about veganism for the project on one of my courses on market research. In a nutshell the research is about the market of vegan food. I've figured that a cosy forum like this would be a great place...
  4. Isaac_Quinones

    I need help with a School Project

    I have a school project due this Friday where I have to get 150+ responses on a Google Form (Survey). This survey will take you a minute or less and will help me out tremendously. This is a REALLY big grade so it would help a lot if you guys would do this for me, because I will probably start...
  5. Adam20

    The 1 Month Vegan Challenge

    Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for my English and thank you for your understanding. I am a brand new vegan for about 3 months. It was a difficult journey because at home in Slovakia we eat mainly meat. Because of this, I have failed many times to achieve the goal of being vegan. And...
  6. wolfynerd0000

    Help- I use instacart.Buying vegan stuff

    i use instacart for petty much all my of my food with in its self is vegan but they use plastic bags witch are not vegan at all (links below) iam in an ethical melt down please help Is There Animal Fat in Your Plastic Bag? 11 common items in the home you mistakenly think are vegan-friendly...
  7. animalluver274

    Amy's Kitchen-Survey

    (in much need of participants) Hello! I am currently conducting a survey on Amy's Kitchen's communications for my pr research class, and I am in dire need of some participants to take it. This survey will take 5 minutes or less. I am not affiliated with Amy's Kitchen this is solely for class...
  8. Momoniak

    Help-estrogen free vegan life?

    Hello, I have a problem with estrogen and my body hates meat. What can I eat to have a sufficient amount of proteins, B-complex, and iron? Thank you all in advance :)) BB xoxo
  9. Ribbit

    Need vegans-School research paper

    I'm a high school student researching the environmental impact of vegans versus non-vegans. I would really appreciate it if you took some time to complete my quick survey. It won't take much time and would really help me out. Thank you so much. Please take my survey. Veganism and the...
  10. Y

    Sugar and Veganism

    Hey everyone, I am having a real hard time here. I’m a vegetarian, and have been for 15 years (since 7th grade). Back then I didn’t really do research on why I could or could not have being a vegetarian. But something came up recently where I’m learning I literally have to contact all these...
  11. corajanemeade

    How to avoid (plant-based) milk waste

    when i buy plant-based milk, as I am the only one in my house that drinks it, I never finish it before it goes out of date. I use it in oats, tea, smoothies etc. but i don't use it all. Does anyone have suggestion on what milk lasts the longest and what to do with leftovers, can you freeze it...
  12. N

    Where to find unwaxed lemons?

    I've recently been trying to drink warm lemon water in the mornings as a substitute for coffee but recently found out that not all lemons are vegan. I feel so frustrated that I didn't know about this. Does anyone know if organic lemons still have wax on them? How can I find unwaxed lemons or how...
  13. P

    New vegan-Need recipes & advice Pls

    Heya, I'm Miles and I am going vegan for moral and health reasons. I'm serious about this but I have a couple of bumps in the road. The issue is that due to my OCD/Autism there is a lot of food I have tried to on numerous occasions stomach, but I just can't. I grew up with a vegan mom so I've...
  14. J

    Strange Scalp Issues With being Vegetarian-Help!

    I was wondering if anyone has gone through what I am going through and could help. I am currently vegetarian (most dairy gone but slowly easing) and my body has a strange reaction to this lifestyle. I have gone from vegetarian to eating meat to vegetarian a couple times in the past couple years...
  15. A

    US I'm beginner vegetarian.

    Hello, I think to be vegetarian. I ask you for help. I like cooking, it's such a hobby. In addition, I like delicious dishes (probably like all of us). But I have a problem, it's a problem of finding recipes for vegetarians. Have you also encountered such a problem as finding the right dish...
  16. srehn

    Would anyone like to help me out?

    Hello there! My name is Sofia Rehn. I am a student at Arizona State University and I am writing a paper on a community of people. My goal is to share a different outlook on the vegan community rather than what people see as the "surface-level" identity. With that being said, it is essential for...
  17. G

    Become Vegan

    Help the animals out don't kill any more animals!!! Buy this Shirt to donate to helping animals!!! BECOME VEGAN | Bonfire
  18. V

    20 Question School Project!

    Hi everyone! I hope this post is okay, I have a project in my Understanding Consumers class on being vegan and I have about 20 questions I need to ask someone regarding the lifestyle/eating habits, etc. I was hoping to find two people who could answer these, and I can Venmo the participants $5...
  19. S

    Constant digestive issues!

    Hi friends, I have some serious issues with digesting. I think I have narrowed it down to a sensitivity to gluten, sugar, and/or? garlic and onions. It is absolutely horrible, I will be painfully bloated and have the most toxic smelling gas for 2+ days after it starts. This happens at least once...
  20. D

    Looking for the best vegan mac and cheese

    Okay so I am dairy free and I haven't had mac & cheese in years but I was looking for a good vegan (preferably healthy) recipe (soy free and non-dairy "cheese product" free). I've made and enjoyed butternut squash "cheezy" pasta before but while I like it a lot it still has a sweet undertone and...