1. R

    Ideas?-Leftover dairy and eggs & Giving up cheese!

    Hello 👋, I am an ex-vegan veggie who wants to go back to vegan. However, there are some problems... I love cheese. Yes, I eat vegan cheese, but of course it’s not quite the same as (dairy) vintage cheddar or a Babybel. One of the main issues is that there simply aren’t vegan alternatives to...
  2. R

    UK What to do with non-vegan products & cheese

    Hello 👋, I am a 24-year old female with Autism. I am a very passionate animal rights person. I went vegetarian at 13. I then went vegan at 20. I then went back to vegetarian more recently. I really want to go back to vegan and hopefully stick with it for life, but I love cheese, especially...
  3. R

    Dairy farms aren’t as Bad as Vegans Suggest.

    Who here has had to deal with people saying dairy farms aren’t as bad as vegans make them out to be?WW Hello 👋, I was watching a video done by a farmer (presumably) about dairy farming. The video portrayed it as all sweetness and light with nice music. One of the commenters said about taking...
  4. R

    UK Calving season in Devon?

    Is it calving season in Devon? If so, what can I do to help stop the shooting of calves? Hello 👋, I live in Devon. I am spending time in the countryside with my parents at the moment. I love the countryside and nature, but we live right by a farm. As an animal rights person, I get anxious when...
  5. R

    Giving up dairy

    Hello 👋, I am a 24-year old female who is on the autism spectrum. As I am Autistic, I am sensitive so please don’t be mean, no matter how passionately you may feel about this. You may want to try to get others to go vegan, and that is great. However, there’s good ways and there’s bad ways to say...
  6. Vegan News

    News Dairy Farmer Goes Vegan After Industry Made Her Suicidal

  7. K

    Product Animal Tails Charity Books

    Hi All, Please take a look at this collection of Vegan themed children's books by author Eve Louise Davies. 30% of profits go to animal charities. https://www.facebook.com/VeganPublishing/ I was fortunate enough to have illustrated the latest book - Marianna's Milk. 30% of the profit of this...
  8. Queen of Strawberries

    If the world went vegetarian would we need vegans?

    Just wondering but if the world went vegetarian would eggs, dairy, honey, wool, ect. be okay to have/consume? I mean, if no animal is killed or harmed in any way to get those products wouldn't it be enough? Am I wrong in thinking that the reason the egg/dairy industry is bad is because unwanted...
  9. Queen of Strawberries

    Goat dairy industry vs. cow dairy industry

    Is the goat dairy industry as bad the cow dairy industry? I'm asking for information to explain to my parents that the goat industry is just as bad as the cow Industry (I've taken a tour of a goat farm - LaClare Farm- and the goats are kept in such small stalls their whole life. It's...
  10. J

    Dairy or chicken

    Hi, I have recently become vegetarian, primarily over environmental concerns. I would like to eventually transition to being vegan but for now I am just vegetarian. I have read that the dairy industry produces more CO2 emissions than that of chicken. If I had to have one of dairy or chicken...
  11. Indian Summer

    Taxing meat and dairy consumption

    Do you think taxing meat and dairy will result in lower consumption? Do you think it would help in bringing about an end to animal food consumption altogether? I thought this petition makes a good point: "According to a news article published in late 2017 the global livestock industry causes...
  12. Queen of Strawberries

    Please explain eggs

    I get sick every time I eat eggs and I also think it's discussing to be eating (what is basically) a chicken period but what is ETHICALLY wrong with eggs? My parents seem (although they refuse to go vegan) to understand why I don't want to eat meat but they are balking at me giving up dairy and...
  13. zillionwithyou

    Best available green leafy vegetables? "rich in calcium" in india ??

    well, guys ive given up consuming dairy products of milk, due to support animal welfare...but for past years ive been drinking milk, and it was my only source of calcium, also had wheat and legumes based sources....but now i need anything that has equal amount of calcium like in cow milk pls...
  14. K

    The dairy industry and agriculture

    Hi all, My name is Kevin and I live on a small family run beef farm which used to be dairy, so obviously I'm not vegan. I'm not coming here to pick a fight, I just wanted to get a vegans perspective of the dairy industry in particular but also the agricultural industry as a whole. I'll start...
  15. A

    I had dairy...

    Okay, here it goes. I am incredibly proud to say I have been vegan for 2 months now. Not once have I felt the urge or craving for meat, dairy, or eggs. I have had a few occasions when I'd accidentally consume something I shouldn't, but it had always been completely unknowingly and I'd instantly...
  16. Indian Summer

    Animal Advocacy Vegan campaign demoralising farmers

    The background for this story is that Go Vegan World had been running a campaign on billboards and in newspapers such as The Sunday Telegraph. This angered dairy farmers, and Michael Oakes of the National Farmers Union Dairy Board wrote an open letter in said newspaper: He then went on to talk...
  17. Bite Size Vegan

    Your Milk’s Mother | Why Dairy Is Never Humane

    Who was the mother of your milk? The source of milk is no big secret: it comes from cows. But most of us never think about the mothers of 'our' milk. We grow up assuming that cows are made to be milked—that they have a constant supply of milk and even that they need to be milked to relieve the...
  18. Indian Summer

    Animal Advocacy Calves, cows punched, kicked at Somerset dairy farm

    More: BBC: Secret filming shows calves at Somerset farm being punched and kicked (28. December 2016)
  19. E

    Question Is the dairy industry selling m Ireland as cruel as other countries?

    Hi, I've been watching videos lately of why the dairy industry is so cruel, but none of these dairy farms have been similar to the Irish dairy farms I have been on. I have been on a few as many of my uncles consist of dairy farmers, all the cows are all treated so well and are in good condition...
  20. Indian Summer

    Demographic time bomb looming for UK dairy

    Sales of milk could plummet - and it's all teenagers' fault (7. September 2016) The article goes on to say Dairy UK will try to boost sales through a major marketing campaign.