Animal Advocacy Vegan campaign demoralising farmers

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Apr 26, 2012
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The background for this story is that Go Vegan World had been running a campaign on billboards and in newspapers such as The Sunday Telegraph. This angered dairy farmers, and Michael Oakes of the National Farmers Union Dairy Board wrote an open letter in said newspaper:
He said in an open letter to the Sunday Telegraph: “Adverts such as this paint an incorrect picture of the UK dairy industry and dishearten the nation’s dairy farmers, for whom the health, welfare and care of dairy cows and calves is incredibly important.
He then went on to talk about cows and calves calves as inanimate objects.

Read all about it:
'Demoralising for farmers': NFU calls on industry to treat recent vegan campaigns as a 'wakeup call' - Farming UK News (4. March 2017)