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    Hello, I am an Autistic young adult female. I have anxiety. Anyhow, I am now vegan and I have come home to hopefully enjoy xmas with my family. I really want to enjoy xmas. I am really anxious and upset about having to sit around and eat xmas dinner with them when there’s meat on the table...
  2. T


    Cows are vegan… so why are they so bad for the environment? Surly the grass they eat balances their breath and trumps?
  3. R

    UK Calving season in Devon?

    Is it calving season in Devon? If so, what can I do to help stop the shooting of calves? Hello 👋, I live in Devon. I am spending time in the countryside with my parents at the moment. I love the countryside and nature, but we live right by a farm. As an animal rights person, I get anxious when...
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    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help save Benji the bullock and all the other animals!!!! Thank you 😊 🙏🏾 ☺️ to the moon 🌒 and back. I love you 😍. May you, Benji, all the other...
  5. K

    Product Animal Tails Charity Books

    Hi All, Please take a look at this collection of Vegan themed children's books by author Eve Louise Davies. 30% of profits go to animal charities. I was fortunate enough to have illustrated the latest book - Marianna's Milk. 30% of the profit of this...
  6. Queen of Strawberries

    If the world went vegetarian would we need vegans?

    Just wondering but if the world went vegetarian would eggs, dairy, honey, wool, ect. be okay to have/consume? I mean, if no animal is killed or harmed in any way to get those products wouldn't it be enough? Am I wrong in thinking that the reason the egg/dairy industry is bad is because unwanted...
  7. Queen of Strawberries

    Goat dairy industry vs. cow dairy industry

    Is the goat dairy industry as bad the cow dairy industry? I'm asking for information to explain to my parents that the goat industry is just as bad as the cow Industry (I've taken a tour of a goat farm - LaClare Farm- and the goats are kept in such small stalls their whole life. It's...
  8. Second Summer

    Animal Advocacy Vegan campaign demoralising farmers

    The background for this story is that Go Vegan World had been running a campaign on billboards and in newspapers such as The Sunday Telegraph. This angered dairy farmers, and Michael Oakes of the National Farmers Union Dairy Board wrote an open letter in said newspaper: He then went on to talk...
  9. Second Summer

    Animal Advocacy Calves, cows punched, kicked at Somerset dairy farm

    More: BBC: Secret filming shows calves at Somerset farm being punched and kicked (28. December 2016)
  10. W

    Vegan feminism: if giving birth was called 'freshening'

    If giving birth was called 'freshening' because the act regenerates a woman's ability to lactate, and 'freshening' then soon became the go-to nomenclature for the same beautiful process of giving new life, there would be uproar. Uproar uproar uproar. And if we trained our children to use this...