UK Calving season in Devon?


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Jul 2, 2017
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Is it calving season in Devon? If so, what can I do to help stop the shooting of calves?

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I live in Devon. I am spending time in the countryside with my parents at the moment. I love the countryside and nature, but we live right by a farm. As an animal rights person, I get anxious when I hear banging that could be gunshots. As someone who used to be vegan and is now veggie (I want to go back to vegan), I have heard all about the dairy farmers’ shooting the male calves because they can’t produce milk (if they don’t plan on growing them as beef cattle).
I have just heard banging now. Is it calving season in Devon? Would they be shooting the male calves or shooting rats, rabbits or crows?
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Also, what can I do (activism-wise) to interfere and help stop it (besides going vegan)?
I doubt they are shooting calves. they usually just send turn the calves into veal or let them grow up so they can be turned into hamburger.