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    Dairy farms aren’t as Bad as Vegans Suggest.

    Who here has had to deal with people saying dairy farms aren’t as bad as vegans make them out to be?WW Hello 👋, I was watching a video done by a farmer (presumably) about dairy farming. The video portrayed it as all sweetness and light with nice music. One of the commenters said about taking...
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    UK Calving season in Devon?

    Is it calving season in Devon? If so, what can I do to help stop the shooting of calves? Hello 👋, I live in Devon. I am spending time in the countryside with my parents at the moment. I love the countryside and nature, but we live right by a farm. As an animal rights person, I get anxious when...
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    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help save Benji the bullock and all the other animals!!!! Thank you 😊 🙏🏾 ☺️ to the moon 🌒 and back. I love you 😍. May you, Benji, all the other...