1. Second Summer

    Demographic time bomb looming for UK dairy

    Sales of milk could plummet - and it's all teenagers' fault (7. September 2016) The article goes on to say Dairy UK will try to boost sales through a major marketing campaign.
  2. W

    Vegan feminism: if giving birth was called 'freshening'

    If giving birth was called 'freshening' because the act regenerates a woman's ability to lactate, and 'freshening' then soon became the go-to nomenclature for the same beautiful process of giving new life, there would be uproar. Uproar uproar uproar. And if we trained our children to use this...
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    Veganism: what if you keep getting ill?

    A little bit of vegan controversy... oops. Currently I am vegan and have been since April 2014. I am not just a dietary vegan but an ethical one too, so I'm very committed to living this way. But for some (the few, not the many) veganism is not quite the cure-all anticipated, despite the...