Best available green leafy vegetables? "rich in calcium" in india ??


Aug 8, 2018
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well, guys ive given up consuming dairy products of milk, due to support animal welfare...but for past years ive been drinking milk, and it was my only source of calcium, also had wheat and legumes based sources....but now i need anything that has equal amount of calcium like in cow milk

pls do prefer any green leafy vegetables "which is especially available in India"

also do not refer anything soya based, cos already i used to drink soya and almond milk.
This page on calcium from may be helpful for you.

World's Healthiest Foods does contain information about animal products, too, but if you cross those animal products off their list you're left with a long list of good plant-based sources of calcium.

Since I am not familiar with India's agriculture and what typically grows there or is sold there, I can't be specific to that. But hopefully some of the foods on this list are things you can find easily in India:

Nutrient Rating Chart for Calcium
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