1. D

    A Vegan Coffee Whitener That I Swear by!

    Hi everyone, I am an employee of a company 'Discount Coffee', Myself and a few of my workmates have been vegans for a while now and have been trying to launch a new vegan milk substitute product to the market for some time. After months of testing, we are glad to say we are one of the first...
  2. chickendminus

    What constitutes as 'meat'? what about 'milk'?

    Thought this was an interesting article. :-) Let me know your thoughts, if any. Hope you are having a good day <3
  3. betiPT

    Milk in the workplace

    I work at organisation that has a constant supply of milk at the workplace for tea and coffee. The other day I received an email that went out to the entire floor discussing milk supply and next delivery. I proceeded to ‘reply all’ to mention that I keep a constant supply of non dairy milk for...
  4. R

    Veganism and thyroid

    Hi, A few weeks ago (before we went to Lanzarote - we came back Thursday, to hazard a guess), it was revealed after a blood test that I have an underactive thyroid, if I’m right. I’m on new medication for this, I have to take it an hour before eating in the morning. Anyhow, I went to the...
  5. Jaydoesitgood

    Vegan "milk" chocolate?

    I hate dark chocolate, its very bitter and doesnt taste good to me. Ive yet to find any vegan alternatives to milk chocolate that I like. Now I need it pretty badly for a recipe. Anyone have any recommendations?
  6. D

    Vegan pumpkin pie: need best egg and evap milk substitutes

    Hi all, There are a million vegan pumpkin pie recipes on the web, however, all that we have seen are from scratch. We want to use a can of Libby's Pumpkin Pie filling and want to know the best vegan substitutes for the eggs and evaporated milk that need to be added. We are familiar with the...
  7. zillionwithyou

    Best available green leafy vegetables? "rich in calcium" in india ??

    well, guys ive given up consuming dairy products of milk, due to support animal welfare...but for past years ive been drinking milk, and it was my only source of calcium, also had wheat and legumes based sources....but now i need anything that has equal amount of calcium like in cow milk pls...
  8. R

    Can someone please give me information about how dairy cattle are treated in the uk?

    Hi, I have been looking at comments about veganism on a different site. One woman was supposedly a dairy farmer’s wife and seems to think that dairy cattle are treated differently in the UK from the US, and that dairy cattle are treated well over here. Can someone please provide me with...
  9. M

    Is there any decent milk??

    Sorry for my first post to be pseudo-negative! :) I was vegan for about four months last year (after watching "Earthlings") but had to stop due to severe illness (unrelated to veganism). Now I've been healthy for a while I plan on going vegan again starting Monday as I LOVED it. In my...
  10. D

    Help! milk advice needed

    I am just in the process of moving to a vegan diet. I can live without cheese and eggs; soya yoghurt and ice cream are ok; but I can't find a palatable milk substitute. I've tried soya, oat and cashew but can't manage and make me feel nauseous. I usually get through quite a lot of milk in...
  11. liv

    Hazelnut milk nausea?

    Hi guys, A few months ago I started drinking hazelnut milk. I've never liked cow's milk so have always avoided it and going vegan, nut milks seemed like a good source of calcium etc since they're fortified. However I started getting really nauseous throughout the day - sometimes straight...
  12. L

    Vegan coffee shop advice

    Hi there, I was wondering if there's anybody here with a vegan coffee shop or experience with coffee machines and vegan milk...Is there any specific kind of machine or milk (soya, rice, almond etc) that works best? thank you
  13. Street Art

    Street Art

    Not your mom, not your milk. Taken from Reddit: