Mar 6, 2017
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Hi guys,

A few months ago I started drinking hazelnut milk. I've never liked cow's milk so have always avoided it and going vegan, nut milks seemed like a good source of calcium etc since they're fortified. However I started getting really nauseous throughout the day - sometimes straight afterwards and sometimes later on in the day. At first I didn't link the issue, but then I stopped having hazelnut milk in my porridge every morning and the nausea never came back...

Anyone had similar issues or know why? Nothing in the ingredients seems particularly offensive... Other suggestions for nice dairy-free milk would be great! (Is rice milk nice?)

Not sure. I would suggest experiment with the ones that available. I have gone back to soya milk because it is the cheapest.
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My preference has settled on 3/4s unsweetened Almond milk 1/4 original Almond milk. I don't like certain brands and have to stay away from organic ones because they are not fortified and I need the extra calcium because of osteoporosis issues.

Have you tried making your own? It's not difficult with the right blender/liquidiser.

I'm assuming that you have tried changing brands? And that the nausea is the same no matter what? Have you tried just having hazelnuts? Do you get the same nausea?
Have you tried it with muesli? I'm wondering if cooking with it is the problem. You could try just soaking the oats in hazelnut milk without cooking. Raw oats soaked in milk (or yoghurt) is perfectly edible and through warmer months, is my preference over cooked porridge.

Otherwise soya milk but I find it too thick, so again end up mixing original with lite versions, though since moving to Australia this issue has gone with different brands being well, different.

I found rice milk very watery. Oat milk us exceptionally nice, but pointless on oats! Coconut milk, hummm. Homemade is much nicer. Cashew nut milk is very good, but you'll need homemade unless you want to break the bank. The same with Brazil nut milk, very nice but needs to be homemade. Various combinations of nuts are also available here in Australia. Coconut & almonds is one combination which works well.

Have a look at the north American blue diamond should give you a more comprehensive list of what is available and perhaps a few ideas.
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Thank you Connie! I've tried almond milk before but didn't really like it, other than that I haven't experimented much with brands or different types because I'm still at school and living with my parents so I don't want to inconvenience them too much by getting different stuff each week ahah - I'll definitely try out some of these in the future, thanks for the answer! xx
Hazelnut milk caused me horrible stomach issues ,pain ,reflux ,gastritis .. took a while for me to realise what was causing it ,because my diet was very clean . I use coconut milk with no issues ,but hazelnut milk is vile .
Hazelnut milk caused me horrible stomach issues ,pain ,reflux ,gastritis .. took a while for me to realise what was causing it ,because my diet was very clean . I use coconut milk with no issues ,but hazelnut milk is vile .
I've never had hazelnut milk. Is it any good?
Do you have any issues with other tree nuts? Almonds? Cashews?
Coconuts are not actually a "nut" so I don't think they cause allergic reactions in people who have tree nut allergies.

Being allergic to one tree nut does not mean you are allergic to them all.
Have you ever had a hazel nut all by itself?
Doctors can perform an allergy test and test for the seven most common tree nut allergies (hazelnuts are one of the 7).
You can also buy a kit and DIY.
but knowing you are allergic to hazelnuts just means you don't buy any products that contain them and you probably don't need a doctor or a test to do that.

Although people can develop an allergy or a sensitivity to a food any any point in their lives, tree nut allergies usually occur in childhood and last throughout the person's live.