soy milk

  1. Vegan Coffee in Tokyo, Jpaan

    Vegan Coffee in Tokyo, Jpaan

    It's not easy to find vegan/alternative/plant based milk options at coffee shops in Asia. So I compiled all the soy & almond milk lattes I had in Tokyo~
  2. Indian Summer

    Own-brand vs branded soya milks

    What reasons are there to buy the more expensive branded soya milks instead of the stores' cheaper own-brand? I sometimes despair at the boring design on the cartons for own-brand soya milks, but other than that?
  3. A

    Discouraging week

    To start, I am transitioning. This past week I got hives for the first time in my life. Naturally I assume it’s from the new vitamins I started taking. What else could it be?! Today I am 98% positive it is not the vitamins and it is SOY. My absolute favorite non-dairy substitute, which is found...
  4. liv

    Hazelnut milk nausea?

    Hi guys, A few months ago I started drinking hazelnut milk. I've never liked cow's milk so have always avoided it and going vegan, nut milks seemed like a good source of calcium etc since they're fortified. However I started getting really nauseous throughout the day - sometimes straight...