Question Is the dairy industry selling m Ireland as cruel as other countries?


Elizabeth o connor

Hi, I've been watching videos lately of why the dairy industry is so cruel, but none of these dairy farms have been similar to the Irish dairy farms I have been on. I have been on a few as many of my uncles consist of dairy farmers, all the cows are all treated so well and are in good condition. Is it okay to consume dairy products in Ireland or is it as bad as other countries? I can't see any wrong in it? (No hate just very curious!)
Hello Elizabeth,
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It is good to hear that in Ireland dairy cows are supposedly treated better than in other countries.
However ... and that is a big however, also cows in Ireland only give milk when they have had a calf.
For that reason, around the world there is the common practice to artificially inseminate the dairy cows every 12-13 months so that she bears a calf.

If that calf is female, she will have the good fortune to also become a member of this circle as a dairy cow herself.
Male calves, however, will find their life drastically shortened by customers' appetite for what is commonly referred to as "veal".

So, regardless of how well the animals are treated, for about 50 % of the offspring of dairy cows, their lives are not very long. Also, the mother cows are routinely separated from their children immediataly after birth.

But don't only take my word for it, inquire at those uncles of you who are dairy farmers. They will be able to explain to you in more detail the practices in the Irish dairy industry.

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I was a vegetarian myself for about 20 years, consuming milk and eggs in large quantities, simply because I was not aware of this mechanism. Once I first read about it, the consequences for me were clear - and it did not take me long to get used to cappuccino with soy milk instead of dairy milk.
I would like to add that the 'but those cows / chickens / other animals in the video are American!' objection is common in a lot of countries. It's true that factory farming is less common in some countries, but even if they're not factory farmed, they are still the victims of cruelty and unnecessary suffering, as Andy pointed out.