1. Meyersaurus

    I just found out today that the only reason meat contains B12 is because livestock are supplemented.

    I am literally so furious right now.. I just read an article that 90% of all the B12 supplements produced in the world are fed to livestock, because they don't naturally contain it. Is this a joke? This was literally the main "argument" thrown at me my entire life, the only point about the...
  2. B

    New vegan - problems with nose and i look pale

    I've been on vegan diet about a month. I was always red in the face and i never had stiffy running nose problems and i never had pimples. since i was vegan i began to have running nose problem, and i look pale and have small pimples on my face. I thought i wasn't getting enough, so i bought...
  3. pflanzenfresser

    How much b12 do i really need?

    Hi dear Vegan community! This week I had a doctor appointment to discuss my B12 deficiency. She gave me a Liquid containing 1000mcg Methylcobalamin per ml and told me to take 3ml (3000mcg) per day for the first two weeks and then continue taking 1ml (1000mcg) per day. As the DGE (Germany's...
  4. J

    First week: major energy issue - b12?

    Do you think this could have been a B12 deficiency issue? Could a deficiency start so fast in an active person? Hello, My first week of being Vegan and I think I already messed up and freaked myself out. I was doing fine and feeling great until the 8th day. That day I felt really tired, dizzy...
  5. B

    Product Supplements, protein and similar :)

    Hello Everyone :D Heres a website that can provide you with all you need from super foods to vitamin b12 supplements and everything inbetween, perfect for those wanting to get fit, bodybuild or to keep super healthy in general. Have a look through the online shop and see if you find anything...
  6. S

    Product Vegan giveaway

    We wanted to let you guys know about our vegan giveaway this month featuring our sho balance (vegan probiotic) and sho energy (vegan b vitamins & matcha) + several other great vegan products.
  7. Sharon Horder

    Rice crispies

    Is it healthy to eat a bowl of rice crispies to get full recommened amount of B12 daily? Thanks
  8. Green.Wave

    19 yr old new vegan. tips for adequate iron/vitamins/calcium/healthy body wieght/etc.

    I purchased a b 12 high quality whole foods supplement. I need to get my d2 levels up so i bought d2 drops and d3 drops. I don't want my iron levels to go down. How to maintain a nutrient dense vegan diet? Any recommended foods? Supplements? Thanks
  9. A

    6 weeks in - feeling awful - any help?

    Hi All, Just joined here, I've been vegan for 6 weeks and I'm feeling really exhausted. I started off well eating homemade chilli and curry, fruit, lots of spinach, lentils, beans etc. What's gone wrong recently is I've started to eat lots of carbs, I've gained weight (and hit the peanut...
  10. C

    Vitamins daily value of one pill

    Hi there. First of all I want to thank the members of this forum for being so supportive. Half a year of being a vegan would be much harder without your advice and support. I had some health problems in the beginning which you helped figure out. Did my blood tests, which showed extremely low...
  11. M

    Product Hiqh Quality Liquid Vitamin B12 - 1 Week Sale

    For a limited time, all SBR Nutrition Liquid Vitamins will be 20% off for members of this forum. They have a high quality liquid Vitamin B12 supplement that is vegan friendly and very effective. Although the brand is relatively new, the reviews on the B12 specifically have been stellar! Promo...
  12. H


    Mussels are not sentient. Would you have a problem with someone eating them and still calling themselves vegan? Sure, technically they are animals, but I'm more concerned with ethics than specifics. They have minimal to no affect on the environment when harvesting. My morals and standards still...
  13. Kirstie Fuller

    B12 deficiency

    Firstly Hi I'm new to this! I'm Kirstie and I've been vegan since March this year. Here's the low down, I've taken on more hours at work. I'm training to be a Supervisor for customer service at waitrose. So a lot of running around lately and stress with Christmas just around the corner. But...
  14. JuliaH

    Any Advice B12?

    Hello - I am a relatively new vegan and have been substituting my diet with B12 boost oral spray (4 squirts a day). I noticed over the last two or so weeks that my legs have become insanely itchy - I mean rip the skin off itchy and then happened to notice one of the side effects of B12 is...
  15. Krish Jay

    Vegans can get sick too

    Hi guys, I saw a few posts on people feeling under-the-weather and once I like you thought that if we are eating so many fruits and vegetables - why are we getting sick? The video that illuminated the issue for me is this: Dr. Michael Greger talks about why a 40 year vegan dies of a heart...
  16. B

    Advice on Transitioning

    Hey guys. I was curious, I am planning to give being a vegan a go for a few weeks at a time to introduce myself to a new healthy lifestyle. There are just a few things I'm unsure about and i was wondering if anyone could advise me... Currently I work two jobs, and have a little money to spare...
  17. HealthRoom

    Media How to Get All the (Supposed) Benefits of Eating Meat On a Vegan Diet

    Hi guys, Hope it's okay to share this here. I'm a vegan blogger and I recently put together an in-depth guide to getting all the potentially beneficial compounds found in meat (from a health perspective) on a vegan diet. If you've ever had any nagging doubts that you'll be missing out on some...
  18. W

    Feminine changes and veganism

    So, this thread will possibly end up being a little personal if others respond to it. I don't mind that - there are so many conflicting anecdotes about what to expect, as a woman at different stages of life, when going vegan. It occurred to me that since it is also quite an emotional topic we...