Rice crispies

Sharon Horder

Nov 8, 2017
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Is it healthy to eat a bowl of rice crispies to get full recommened amount of B12 daily?
Hi Sharon,

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 = “I eat to live” and 10 = “I live to eat” I would score about 2. There are many on the forum who would score 9 or 10 and they are really cued up on the nutrition game. My relaxed attitude is to just let things flow with as much food variety as possible. Nature will provide. Or rather nature will provide everything except B12. :)

Rice and other grains do not contain cobalt. So B12 cereals are all fortified. And if you use a fortified milk with them you have a very high intake there. B12, unlike many other things, is virtually impossible to overdose on simply by eating. So if you love your Rice Krispies eat away with gay abandon.

Cheers Jolly Roger
I'm not normally a rice crispy type of gal but didn't want to start taking supplements as such. Thought someone may say noooo stand back from that cereal as it's not good... looks like I'll be embracing the crispy Krispies from now on then.
I thought that was what the ref to being breezy meant.

Soz Mister Jolly
Hi Sharon,

OK Ms Horder. Yes, but I have been known to show my serious side. :)

I love the quote on your avatar. King is probably my most favourite American after Mark Twain though Arthur Miller is up there as well. I won’t tell which one I most loathe.