1. LeoLivesLike

    Breakfast-Healthy high protein

    Hey guys I just updated my 1st YouTube video with an ingredients list and links of where to find them. I'd love any feedback and would love to hear how you guys personalize the recipe to your own liking!
  2. LeoLivesLike

    Just posted my 1st youtube video!

    https://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=WnOAyu-uq5o Would really appreciate if if you guys took a look and gave me some feedback, will be posting more very soon!
  3. BecFox

    Vitamin b12 - vegan cereals

    hi folks, hope everyone is ok, and having a good day? cereals - looking for vitamin b12 bran flakes seem to contain a good amount but although the ingredients are look vegan friendly it does not state it on several brands of boxes? I am sure this has been asked before but i wanted an up to...
  4. Sharon Horder

    Rice crispies

    Is it healthy to eat a bowl of rice crispies to get full recommened amount of B12 daily? Thanks
  5. Damo


    What did you eat for breakfast today? I ate a huge bowl of Cheerios! There's quite a lot of animal free cereal at supermarkets, I see honey in a lot of granola unfortunately though. :pensive: