New vegan - problems with nose and i look pale


Feb 9, 2019
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I've been on vegan diet about a month. I was always red in the face and i never had stiffy running nose problems and i never had pimples. since i was vegan i began to have running nose problem, and i look pale and have small pimples on my face. I thought i wasn't getting enough, so i bought peanut butter, eat it and still running nose. I eat all kinds of nuts, including avocado. Result = the same.

I searched for vitamin B12 and Iron, might have to do with that? I bought yeast, tried it today. I really don't know the reason.

Also tried eating mango, bananas, mandarines a lot more. I eated lots of dates also.

Usually when i did have running nose, it would last for a day or so. But here its like 3 weeks or more.

If anyone has an idea, knowledge what im missing, i would like to know and if you have a book about vegan, let me know also im reading as much as i can about it. Thank you
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Jun 15, 2018
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Welcome Boris :)

Regarding the runny nose, I don’t think it’s that you are not getting enough but quite the opposite; it is that you are eating an allergen or more of an allergen. The best way to solve this is to do an elimination diet, but if you think that is too hard try to remove all allergens such as wheat. You may think.. but I have always eaten bread, but maybe now you are eating a lot more which has activated the allergic response.

Regarding pimples, eat low fat and no oils. And also find a good cleanser that foams together with a scrub. This will help :)

Easy Healthy Vegan plate:
  1. mostly starch (potato, rice),
  2. veggies (roasted, steamed, fresh),
  3. beans/peas (from a can or cooked yourself)

Remember that the starch on your plate will make you feel satisfied :)

I hope this is helpful and good luck :)

Forest Nymph

Nov 18, 2017
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Northern California
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You definitely need B12 for proper iron absorption and your immune system. If you supplement like you should, it would be better for your health. However, it's extraordinarily unlikely that you developed a B12 deficiency in a single month, unless you already had a deficiency before being vegan. It takes around 6 months to develop a deficiency of anything other than calories, and can take years with some nutrients. That's why you see some people who went vegan for several years before the lack of B12 supplementation caught up to them. I have no idea why anyone wouldn't supplement in this day and time, it's not the 70s or early 80s when vegans didn't really know better, but you'll have it occasionally, people with irrational aversions to supplements even though they drink alcohol or have plastic surgery, it's just like lolwut?

You honestly sound sick or like you have a severe allergy. Paleness, pimples and runny nose could simply be a cold or flu. Bad colds and flus can last two or three weeks. So maybe it's actually vitamin D that you need, in certain climates and times of year it's harder for anyone to get D from the sun, so if you were used to getting it from enriched vitamin D dairy milk, perhaps you need to take a supplement or use a vegan product enriched with vitamin D.

Or you might need more fat and calories. It seems like peanut butter and avocados would give you enough fat, but make sure you're eating things like beans and tofu, and eating full meals.