Kirstie Fuller

Dec 21, 2016
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Firstly Hi I'm new to this!
I'm Kirstie and I've been vegan since March this year.

Here's the low down,

I've taken on more hours at work. I'm training to be a Supervisor for customer service at waitrose. So a lot of running around lately and stress with Christmas just around the corner.

But also this week my boyfriend expressed being concerned about my health. Mentioning he was worried that I had a B12 defiencity.

I think maybe Wednesday last week I had a rather hot bath and nearly blacked out. Been pretty tired and been a little light headed. But I've also had some personal problems so my mental health dipped a little.

I was just wondering If Its really worth a trip to the doctors for my boyfriends peace of mind. Or what suppliment I could take.

Any help is very welcome!
Hello Kristie!

Have you been taking anything to supplement B12? I don't believe there's a good source available on a plant based diet so I'd highly recommend supplementing or you could be putting yourself in harms way.

Take a look a this.

I've personally used these before...

Together Vitamin B12 Complex Vegicaps

Garden of Life Kind Organics Methylcobalamin B12 Spray

You can find supplements that you only need to take once a week rather than everyday if that would suit you better.

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Yes, you should supplement B12. As you haven't taken any for some months, start at a higher dosage than normal. A b12 blood test is not a bad idea. I honestly can't remember if a B12 deficiency is likely after months rather than years, but it's probably possible.

However there could easily be other causes to this, such as not eating enough total food, or a non food related cause.

Did the nearly blacking out occur as you stood up to get out of the bath, or just after you got out, or while you were sitting in it motionless?