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Jan 18, 2017
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Toronto, Ontario
  1. Vegan
I am a plant-based 28 year old female from Toronto with a new found love for cooking and baking.

This blog is for all things plant-based and cruelty free!

Before becoming plant-based, I never enjoyed cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Primarily because I didn't like to touch or look at raw meat. I always found it difficult to become inspired when cooking with animal products.

Since dramatically changing my lifestyle in 2016 due to various ethical, environmental and health reasons, I have developed a passion for food! This has sparked my interest in finding new ways to veganize some of my favourite recipes.

I am also a huge supporter of cruelty-free products. In addition to my regular food related posts, I will also regularly blog about cruelty-free product reviews.

So if you're interested in a plant-based lifestyle, follow Fork and Veg for future inspiration!