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  1. JM_Veggiepedia

    Jan from Veggiepedia says hello

    Hello, I'm Jan, certified vegan nutritionist and internet blogger from Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. After making a gradual transition from flexitarianism to veganism, I started studying vegan nutrition and launched a website called Veggiepedia to inspire others to save animals, restore the...
  2. E

    News Vegan Blog Content

    Anyone here who would like to share his/her vegan thoughts or ideologies on my blog (
  3. V

    Media New Vegan Blog - vegan recipes and food reviews

    Hello my fellow Vegans! I've just started a new blog and Instagram channel and would love to share it with you all:
  4. Laura Warner

    Media Vegan blogger @ the honest whisper

    I don't think many people would consider my blog a typical vegan blog. I like to discuss mental health and aspirations I have for the future. I also like to have guest bloggers if that interests anyone! The motto my site goes by is: Nobody is Silent. Many are not Heard. Change this. My blog...
  5. Laura Warner

    Another new member here!

    Hey! So I just joined today and thought I should introduce myself! My name is Laura Warner but I go by Lucy. I am a vegan animal rights activist in Toronto and am also a writer on my blog. I like to write about animal rights, mental health, personal stories, nutrition, and basically whatever is...
  6. Elizabeth Lucile

    I'm Elizabeth! I'm a vegan youtuber and I love spreading the message!

    Hey all! I am so happy I found this forum. I love nothing more than spreading the vegan message and helping others to go vegan! I found that the easiest way to reach a lot of people is through YouTube, so I've started a vegan YouTube channel where I upload every week day! I also talk about...
  7. forkandveg

    Live and Learn - Go Vegan

    Hello, You can call me Fork and Veg! I am a plant-based 28 year old female from Toronto with a new found love for cooking and baking. Since dramatically changing my lifestyle in 2016 due to various ethical, environmental and health reasons, I have developed a passion for plant-based food...
  8. forkandveg

    Media Visit for plant-based inspiration!

    I am a plant-based 28 year old female from Toronto with a new found love for cooking and baking. This blog is for all things plant-based and cruelty free! Before becoming plant-based, I never enjoyed cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Primarily because I didn't like to touch or look at...
  9. Lauren91

    Vegans on a budget

    Hi all! I have recently made the transition to vegan, and struggled initially because I am on quite a tight budget (my fiancé and I are saving for our first home). I decided to set up my own blog/site where I 'veganised' some classic recipes, as well as focused on meals with ingredients you...
  10. Mausbop

    Media My life as a vegan, so far!

    I'm not really vegan, my girlfriend is and she made a blog about her everyday problems while becoming vegan. She doesn't really get any comments or like/shares so i'm trying to make commercial for her without her knowing it. Please be nice and read, maybe you like it
  11. goveganliferecipe

    Vegan Cooking Tips

    Hello, Lets start sharing some interesting Vegan Cooking tips. - I usually like to avoid Cooking cream in any of my recipes though it changes the taste of the recipe but i have found a better option ie. I grind Cashews and use Cashew paste as cooking cream and trust me not one till date have...
  12. Igor Garcia

    Delicious alternative to Chicken For Vegans

    Personally this is my favourite recipe to replace chicken, as it perfectly captures the taste and texture of actual chicken. I recommend switching to this recipe if you're finding it a struggle to keep yourself away from eating meat. What you'll need: 1½ cups...
  13. D

    Video: Cookies and Scream and other good places to eat in London

    Hi everyone It'd mean the world if you checked out my YouTube Video, it really is a big help!!! :) So i recently did a Vlog in London where I went to take a look at Cookie's and Scream Vegan Bakery in Camden. It was AMAZING. There are also some other places worth visiting mentioned in the video...
  14. D

    Pizza Recipe Video

    Hi! Here is my recipe video for vegan pizza. Please could everyone take a look? I am a vegan skateboarder/athlete and certified nutritionist and will be posting lots of content! Thank you so much!!
  15. O

    Media Please like this vegan Facebook page! It's the page of my dad's girlfriend's sister and has a lot of good, original vegan content! Please like it so she can continue the page! :)
  16. B

    The BEST vegan challenge you will ever see

    Hey guys & gals, I want to encourage everyone (meat eater, vegan, newbie vegan, etc) to watch "Sergi G"s 30 day vegan challenge on youtube. Hes fairly new but has exploded since his first upload. (This guy has 4k subs in 3 months of being on youtube). His editing is beyond impressive and is a...
  17. B

    The BEST vegan transition on youtube

    Hey guys, I dont normally post on these kinds of things but as a lifelong vegan I encourage anyone (especially those that are transitioning) to check out "Sergi G." On YouTube. He documented a 30 day vegan challenge and made what in my opinion is the best conclusion video you will ever see. His...
  18. Alma Beatrice

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hello All, I just signed up for the forum. My name is Alma Beatrice, I was born and raised in Verona, Italy now resides in Saffron Walden, UK. My primary field of interests is food and lifestyle and I wish the world cared more about the animal cruelty and writing blogs to inform people about it...
  19. E

    Media Helpful reviews and DIY's Hey guys, I started a blog earlier this year. I have been vegan fow a few years but i still get frustrated with the lack of information or products available. I have dedicated my blog to cruelty free clean living. I study nutrition and have a background in the beauty...
  20. HealthRoom

    Media How to Get All the (Supposed) Benefits of Eating Meat On a Vegan Diet

    Hi guys, Hope it's okay to share this here. I'm a vegan blogger and I recently put together an in-depth guide to getting all the potentially beneficial compounds found in meat (from a health perspective) on a vegan diet. If you've ever had any nagging doubts that you'll be missing out on some...