Nov 25, 2016
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Manchester, UK
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Hi all!

I have recently made the transition to vegan, and struggled initially because I am on quite a tight budget (my fiancé and I are saving for our first home).

I decided to set up my own blog/site where I 'veganised' some classic recipes, as well as focused on meals with ingredients you could buy at your local supermarket rather than at a health food shop (usually quite expensive too!).

A lot of my friends have spoken about making the transition to vegan, but it seems that convenience and finances are the two things holding a lot of people back. While I think that if you feel strongly about being vegan, you will find a way to make it work, I think that making it more accessible will help show others the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

I just thought I would post the link here in case any of you were trying to live the vegan life on a budget and might benefit from this too (I am based in the UK so a lot of the recipes refer to specific products available in UK supermarkets), a lot of the more popular vegan websites seem to involve a lot of high-end produce I simply can't afford, and to begin with that felt quite isolating.

So excited to be part of this fantastic community!

Vegans on a Budget

Disclaimer: I do not run or own a business of any kind related to the above, it is simply my hobby and is not for profit :)
Jan 3, 2016
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Will have a look at your site now.

I think being vegan does not have to be expensive, you can just replace meat with legumes of similar or lower cost, add a few almonds and walnuts.

I think the expense comes from foods that are named explicitly as vegan, but many simple foods like a bag of beans are vegan.

Also if you eat more whole plant foods, avoiding processed foods, it may be easier as well.


Dec 25, 2016
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Beans, chickpeas, peas, mung, soy, lentils and some other beans are not more expensive than meat calorie/$ ratio.

As long you stick to more or less simple dishes without too much exotic food, it costs pretty much the same as a meateaters diet.
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Dec 29, 2016
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I am also in the process of transitioning. I really like your website and the recipes on it are great! Definitely bookmarking for future reference!


Dec 30, 2016
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Sussex, UK
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Oh my goodness, I literally just looked at your site before I joined this forum! How strange is that! I am also on a very tight budget and very new to veganism (is that the correct word?!) so it's nice to know you can eat well on a tight budget :)
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