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  1. P

    What is one dish that you've veganized?

    Name a dish that you've veganized or you would like to see veganized.
  2. T

    Best cookbook for vegan recipes ever

    Hey i want to share with you this cookbook which contains more than 100 simple tasty recipes , you can do it your self even if you are green at cooking , the structions are very simple and Abordable , as a result this cookbook gets all the positive feedback on amazon . check it out : The Vegan...
  3. V

    Media New Vegan Blog - vegan recipes and food reviews

    Hello my fellow Vegans! I've just started a new blog and Instagram channel and would love to share it with you all:
  4. Jinendra Singh

    How to make delicious high protein quinoa salad

    Any suggestion for making it more better or add-on of new ingredients
  5. Jinendra Singh

    What is the worst thing about being a vegetarian/vegan?

    Do I have select only one? I have had my fair share of interesting experiences trying to get vegetarian food. They sound funny when I think about it, but trust me was quite a bit irritating when they happened.
  6. Jinendra Singh

    Which type of milk your are consuming ?

    Any strongly held opinions or experience with the following kinds of milk: 1. Full fat cow’s milk 2. Semi-skimmed cow’s milk 3. Skimmed cow’s milk 4. Soya milk 5. Oat milk 6. Rice milk 7. Hemp Milk 8. Almond Milk Which one you consuming right now and how it is helpful for you.
  7. Jinendra Singh

    Is eating meat bad for your soul?

    Whether animal or plant, all living things take part in the endless cycle of birth and death; humans are no different. All animals are a gift from mother earth, which nourishes us and teaches us to grow. We need to be grateful for the bounty of the natural world, and not abuse it. what about...
  8. oliver thomas

    Media Vegan, gluten free + sugar free recipes :)

    Hi all, would be great if you could check out my new vegan blog! I post all natural, vegan, and gluten + refined sugar free recipes, as well as vegan product reviews so good for any vegan newbie's :D Just posted a recipe for aquafaba lemon and cardamon cake thanks a...
  9. oliver thomas

    Media Nature's kitchen: vegan & gluten-free recipes.

    Hi, I have created a blog, where I will be uploading all things vegan, from recipes for cakes, cookies, or smoothies, to product reviews and trying out vegan restaurants in the UK! I would love anyone interested in seeing some new vegan recipes, or anyone you is trying to cut out refined sugar...
  10. michael white

    We So Vegan

    Hello people I hope you are having an amazing cruelty free weekend, I wanted to introduce myself. First the reason I joined this forum as I discovered some incredible recipes on here that lead to some really food eating. My name is Michael but my partner Marta may also be writing on here...
  11. Q

    Question Help a busy vegan eat healthy!

    Hi all! I’m running into trouble eating healthy with a crazy schedule. Drop quick and easy vegan recipes! I know the animals don’t care if I’m living off Oreos and French fries, but my body does Sam
  12. Sameena Mawji

    Vegan recipe blog

    Hi everyone, I have my vegan recipe blog called The Vegan Pea where I am sharing indulgent and delicious vegan dishes! I would love if I could get your support by following me on social media so I can share my recipes with you. Find me on Instagram @theveganpea Many thanks xxx
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    Product Vegan recipe book free with kindle unlimited

    Hi guys, I've just published my first vegan recipe book on Kindle, it's available free with Kindle Unlimited otherwise it's just $0.99! It's full of super tasty, healthy and totally vegan recipes that I'd love for you to check out, try some recipes and let me know what you think! Here's a...
  14. Soul in the Raw

    Service Free 7-day online course with easy & quick vegan meals

    I wanted to share my FREE 7-day online course called "Quick, Easy & Filling Vegan Meals". It will help you out with 7 of the quickest and easiest ever vegan meals. You can enroll here:
  15. Trende

    Media Vegan sushi anyone?

    Here is our take on vegan Sushi. :)
  16. E

    Media Jersey girl plus tons of free, delicious, vegan recipes

    Hello Everyone! Come visit my vegan blog: for free vegan recipes and a free logic book. Jersey girl now living in Brooklyn! Come one, come all! Try my Vegan Abundance Soup- November 2016: it is out of this world!
  17. Trende

    Media New vegan website featuring recipe videos & blogs!

    Hey everyone! Check out for a free resource for vegan recipes and food blogs! Here is one of our latest recipes, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus!
  18. LizasVeganRemedies

    Media My New Vegan Recipe Channel!

    Hey there! I've recently opened an vegan recipe channel in youtube. I would appreciate it if you could tell me your opinions, so I can improve my videos. Here is the link: Thanx!
  19. forkandveg

    Media Visit for plant-based inspiration!

    I am a plant-based 28 year old female from Toronto with a new found love for cooking and baking. This blog is for all things plant-based and cruelty free! Before becoming plant-based, I never enjoyed cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Primarily because I didn't like to touch or look at...
  20. WarriorVegan

    Service How To Live The Vegan Lifestyle

    Hey everyone, I am Michael (aka the WarriorVegan) I am currently 29 years old. I mainly went Vegan for the health benefits and all the research I have been doing. I’m in the Military (Army) and have been for 8 years. Before I went vegan I was worried if the lifestyle would support my job in...