1. vishvadave

    Website or Application for Vegans

    Is there a website or application that could make your life way easier as a vegan, if not what kind of website or application would you like?
  2. Lauren91

    Vegans on a budget

    Hi all! I have recently made the transition to vegan, and struggled initially because I am on quite a tight budget (my fiancé and I are saving for our first home). I decided to set up my own blog/site where I 'veganised' some classic recipes, as well as focused on meals with ingredients you...
  3. X

    Media Vegan Apparel & organic produce website

    Hey all I'm a newcomer here and I'd like to advertise my new website with clothing and merchandise for vegans. We also have a wide variety of organic seeds for anyone that would like to grow their own fruit and veg. All orders come with free shipping and we are offering a 15% discount on orders...
  4. D

    Survey Starting a new, searchable veg friendly review site. I need your help!

    Have you ever read a review and wondered what did this person actually order? Have you ever wanted to know if a restaurant catered to vegans or would just make modifications to existing dishes? We intend on getting these answers with help from people like you with an interactive website that...