1. G

    Super Easy and Economical Pizza!

    I've been making this for years and transitioned it from dairy cheese to vegan "cheese" without a hiccup. Ingredients: -Pita bread or high quality bread such as sourdough -Tomato paste (time saver - use the type with basil, etc if available. -Vegan Cheese (I use the mozzarella pre-shredded...
  2. Queen of Strawberries

    Yogurt Covered Raisins?

    So I've been craving some yogurt covered raisins and was wondering if there's a brand out there that makes a vegan version? Or should I try to make my own? If so i'd love some recipes. Thank you in advance!
  3. Liamd

    Free vegan and vegetarian meal planner

    Hi folks, About 3 months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to reduce our meat consumption and try to eat a more wholefood, plant-based diet. Because I'm a bit of a geek, I created a little meal planning app that uses recipes available online (e.g. BBC Good Food) and then automatically adds the...
  4. V

    Simple butternut squash soup

    Sharing this recipe that was posted on Tick.Done Ingredients: Recipe: 1 Butternut Squash 1 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 Onion 3 Cloves of Garlic 1/2 tsp Thyme Equipment: Garlic press Sharp knife Pot Blender
  5. oliver thomas

    My luxury vegan dessert business - nominated for an award

    Hello, My new business selling premium chilled plant-based desserts, to be eaten hot, has been nominated in the Vegan start-up category in Vegan Food & Living Magazine's 2019 Awards!! It would mean a lot if you could take the time to vote for us(Nature's nectar desserts) in the start-up...
  6. uehara

    Media Vegan cheese

    one of the hardest thing vegans needs to give up is cheese. most of us were back in time a meat lover people, or more like cheese lovers xD I have met many vegans that found hard time giving up cheese than meat (myself speaking), there were many times my girlfriend had to think of a logical way...
  7. LeoLivesLike

    Just posted my 1st youtube video! - muscle building vegan cereal bowl :) Would really appreciate if if you guys took a look and gave me some feedback, will be posting more very soon!
  8. Friendly Carrot

    [pho noodle soup] what i eat as a *cold* canadian

    What did you guys eat today? I've been stuck in a rut lately eating kind of the same thing. Today I ate: a simple oatmeal, white bean & kale soup & a miso based 'Pho' noodle soup. You can watch what i ate today in the video below. For the noodle soup I used dehydrated 'beef' soy protein that...
  9. Coco Lee

    Media Exciting, exotic, easy, and cheap vegan recipes! (free strawberry/rose sorbet included)

    Hello Friends! I'm the Founder of a new Company called Love. Harmony. Balance. Facebook @ loveharmonybalance We are Here to Help People Realize their Full Potential. Finding Love, Harmony, and Balance in Yourself Creates a New World for Us All. We Are The Future. Our first mission is to...
  10. E

    What can i make?

    Basically, I have: Trimmed fine beans Mini mushrooms Mushrooms Asparagus Aubergine Red onions Garlic Carrots Green bell pepper Baby corn Sweet potatoes Does anyone have any ideas for what I could make because I'm currently stumped aha *preferably not a soup :)
  11. E

    Cheap vegan recipe ideas?

    Anyone know what Vegan meals I could make with these ingredients: Sweet potatoes Baby new potatoes Broccoli Cucumber Carrots Onions (I think I have a yam but to be honest I have no idea what it is)
  12. thegypsykitchen

    Product Help with my new business

    Hi I've recently started a business selling vegan fridge & freezer ready meals in the Uk. We are open to delivery but are currently in the process of putting together our recipes and menus. So a few questions to ask all those vegans out there: - Would you but a vegan freezer or fridge meal...
  13. K

    Product Free vegan protein cookbook!

    Hello, all! We are Kuku Ruku Publishing and we have our first book releasing at the end of July on Kindle. It is titled, "10 Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Recipes For Building Muscle That Contain More Protein Than Meat." In anticipation of the release we want to give away 15 free copies of the...
  14. Soul in the Raw

    Media Deeeelicious vegan pizza!

    I just made this absolutely amazing vegan pizza: vegan pizza by Soul in the Raw posted Jun 14, 2017 at 9:03 PM It's gluten free, easy to make, super healthy, oil-free, and tastes incredible! Please give it a try:
  15. forkandveg

    Media Visit for plant-based inspiration!

    I am a plant-based 28 year old female from Toronto with a new found love for cooking and baking. This blog is for all things plant-based and cruelty free! Before becoming plant-based, I never enjoyed cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Primarily because I didn't like to touch or look at...
  16. noellelle

    Recipe to Convince Boyfriend to Veganism?

    Hi! I am a new vegan myself, and I'm perfectly fine with eating raw whole foods as meals. However, my boyfriend doesn't have the best diet but I want to show him how delicious various vegan foods can be. What are the best vegan food recipes you have tried?
  17. D

    Video: Cookies and Scream and other good places to eat in London

    Hi everyone It'd mean the world if you checked out my YouTube Video, it really is a big help!!! :) So i recently did a Vlog in London where I went to take a look at Cookie's and Scream Vegan Bakery in Camden. It was AMAZING. There are also some other places worth visiting mentioned in the video...
  18. D

    TWO cheap/quick/easy burgers! Recipe video

    Hey everyone I knocked up a really quick recipe video for two burgers I LOVE making. They are so good!! Here's the link: Please also check out my other videos I can be found on instagram: @dave_skate.fitnessnutrition
  19. D

    Media Some recipes/videos i'm posting on youtube worth checking out!

    Hey everyone I'm a new vegan youtuber and it'd mean the absolute world if you checked out my videos! I'm doing lots of recipes as well as nutrition tips. would be fantastic if you helped me out!! thanks so much!!