Super Easy Pita Bread Pizza!


Dec 23, 2019
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Vegan newbie
I've been making this for years and transitioned it from dairy cheese to vegan "cheese" without a hiccup.

-Pita bread or high quality bread such as sourdough
-Tomato paste (time saver - use the type with basil, etc if available.
-Vegan Cheese (I use the mozzarella pre-shredded from Trader Joe's. Your favorite vegan cheese will work)
-Vegan pesto sauce
-optional - olives, artichokes, or kale, onions, green or red peppers, mushrooms, etc sauteed in olive oil or baked with a touch of olive oil
-Fresh or dried basil, other spices including rosemary and oregano

-This is the "trick" - toast the bread in a toaster oven to nearly crispy.
-Spread a thin layer of tomato paste and/or pesto sauce on the bread.
-Sprinkle a touch of spices
-Sprinkle grated vegan cheese
-Top with olives, cooked mushrooms, etc.
-In oven or toaster oven bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes

It's important in my experience to pre-cook the vegetables. Otherwise the "crust" becomes soggy. Grocery store pizza crusts also work great but the pita bread has less carbs and is less processed.

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