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  1. adam.app1

    Physical Exercise No Doms

    Since I transitioned to a Plant-based diet, I no longer get delayed onset muscle soreness, I feel super-human. I now go to the gym everyday. My performance had changed to an incredible level. I’m in the army and I beat my SCR (6 monthly fitness test), Which is a 2.5km run 2 minutes faster. I...
  2. B

    Plant based face masks

    Hello! Thought I'd just pop on here as I've seen plant based face masks. 100% compostable single use face masks are being made by a UK based company (Henosis Masks) which you can brand on too I believe! I'd love to see a ban on single use plastic masks, so thought spreading the word would...
  3. L

    Awesome Vegan Cookbook

    I could not recommend this cookbook more! The 100 new plant based meals and 30 DAY meal plan make it so easy to eat healthy! Just thought I would share this with you guys because it’s helped me a lot, and maybe start a discussion on what you’re favourite books are too?? I’ll include the link to...
  4. P

    What is one dish that you've veganized?

    Name a dish that you've veganized or you would like to see veganized.
  5. QualityGains

    A new Reason Why The Animal Industry Is Flawed [Science B*tch]

    The animal industry is flawed, and there are a couple obvious (*cough* for vegans *cough*) reasons why: Needless torture and killing of sentient beings Clogging of arteries, advancement of various cancer stages Inefficient economics (government subsidies) Destroying of planet earth (methane...
  6. G

    Duckweed Protein, ponds of protein?

    Hello ^^ I am doing research to help develop my master's dissertation in food design. If you're vegan or love a plant-based diet feel free to fill out the quick survey. You guys are awesome ^^ Questionnaire of Awesomeness Duckweed has a high protein content, which makes it valuable as human...
  7. Honest Pastures

    Have you heard of Honest Pastures?

    Hello! I am the owner of Honest Pastures. We manufacture plant-based meat alternatives we call Beaf™. We ship throughout the United States. We support wholesale and retail distribution as well. Please check us out at
  8. The Little Vegan

    Survey How can we improve the vegan lifestyle??

    Hello everyone, my husband Doug and I are looking for your help! We are conducting a survey to see how the vegan lifestyle can be improved. We are launching a brand new business called The Little Vegan Co and want YOUR feedback. Is there anything you wish was better or different? Do you have any...
  9. TheTeenyTurnip

    Product Theteenyturnip t-shirts

    Hello everyone, I have just started a shop selling hand-designed vegan t-shirts. I am vegan myself and wish to promote the vegan lifestyle. I currently have two designs, however there are lots more to come. If you are interested please check out my shop and like my facebook page for updates...
  10. S

    Survey Plant based protein vs. animal based protein research study

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a research study and need participants to take my survey. I thought this would be a good medium to find vegan athletes. Thanks again, Steebs
  11. D

    Greenville, nc plant-based

    Hey! I'm Haley; I just joined this website after becoming frustrated that I don't know any vegans in my personal life, but wanting to connect with people with similar interests. I've been vegan for almost a year, but I'm not a junk food vegan: no oil, fried foods, fake meats and cheeses, etc...
  12. Wake Up Now Foundation

    Charity Need help finding vegan charities!

    Hey Everyone! Just reaching out to this amazing community for help finding vegan charities that actually give 100% of the donation received to help the cause... Any and all info is appreciated! Thanks again! P.S. Our website has a bunch of amazing animal videos you've most likely never seen...
  13. forkandveg

    Media Visit for plant-based inspiration!

    I am a plant-based 28 year old female from Toronto with a new found love for cooking and baking. This blog is for all things plant-based and cruelty free! Before becoming plant-based, I never enjoyed cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Primarily because I didn't like to touch or look at...
  14. Pat

    Product How Plants Changed My Life & How They'll change Yours!

    2 years ago I made the transition to vegan. It has had such a profound impact on me that I felt inclined to share my story in hopes of positively impacting the lives of others. My book is called Eat Green Make Green, and I hope it has a positive impact on your life! Here's the link...
  15. plant_powered

    Product Limited Edition Vegan Apparel Collection

    Hi beautiful people! I noticed that there aren't a lot of fun designs for proud vegans to wear as tshirts, sweatshirts, etc. A lot of the stuff I'm seeing online is gimmicky - just not cute. So I started designing my own shirts - shirts that I would actually want to wear! I am so excited to...
  16. Andy2482

    Advice For a Newcomer

    Hello! I'm about to start eating plant-based. I've done quite a bit of research, but still find myself feeling overwhelmed. I don't personally know anyone that lives a vegan lifestyle, so I was hoping to get some advice. I'm early in my pregnancy and worried about getting the proper nutrients...
  17. D

    Survey Starting a new, searchable veg friendly review site. I need your help!

    Have you ever read a review and wondered what did this person actually order? Have you ever wanted to know if a restaurant catered to vegans or would just make modifications to existing dishes? We intend on getting these answers with help from people like you with an interactive website that...